1. lomax enterprises purchased a depreciable asset for $22,500 on

1. Lomax Enterprises purchased a depreciable asset for $22,500 on March 1, Year 1. The asset will be depreciated using the straight-line method over its four-year useful life. Assuming the asset’s salvage value is $2,100, Lomax Enterprises should recognize depreciation expense in Year 2 in the amount of:


2. Thomas Enterprises purchased a depreciable asset on October 1, Year 1 at a cost of $116,000. The asset is expected to have a salvage value of $15,400 at the end of its five-year useful life. If the asset is depreciated on the double-declining-balance method, the asset’s book value on December 31, Year 3 will be (Do not round intermediate calculations):


3. When originally purchased, a vehicle had an estimated useful life of 8 years. The vehicle cost $26,100 and its estimated salvage value is $3,300. After 4 years of straight-line depreciation, the asset’s total estimated useful life was revised from 8 years to 6 years and there was no change in the estimated salvage value. The depreciation expense in year 5 equals:


4. A company discarded a display case originally purchased for $8,950. The accumulated depreciation was $6,250. The company should recognize a:

$6,250 loss.
$0 gain or loss.
$2,700 gain.
$8,950 loss.
$2,700 loss.

5. Cambria owns equipment that cost $105,500 with accumulated depreciation of $72,000. Cambria asks $38,000 for the equipment but sells the equipment for $35,000. Compute the amount of gain or loss on the sale.

$4,500 gain.
$1,500 gain.
$4,500 loss.
$1,500 loss.
$3,000 gain.

6. During August, Arena Company sells $349,000 in product that has a one year warranty. Experience shows that warranty expenses average about 3% of the selling price. The warranty liability account has a balance of $12,100 before adjustment. Customers returned product for warranty repairs during the month that used $8,700 in parts for repairs. The entry to record the customer warranty repairs is:

Debit Estimated Warranty Liability $8,700; credit Parts Inventory $8,700.
Debit Warranty Expense $10,470; credit Estimated Warranty Liability $10,470.
Debit Estimated Warranty Liability $10,470; credit Parts Inventory $10,470.
Debit Warranty Expense $8,700; credit Estimated Warranty Liability $8,700.
Debit Warranty Expense $7,070; credit Estimated Warranty Liability $7,070.

7. Maryland Company offers a bonus plan to its employees equal to 2% of net income. Maryland’s net income is expected to be $965,000. The amount of the employee bonus expense is estimated to be


8. An employee earns $6,100 per month working for an employer. The FICA tax rate for Social Security is 6.2% and the FICA tax rate for Medicare is 1.45%. The current FUTA tax rate is .8%, and the SUTA tax rate is 5.4%. Both unemployment taxes are applied to the first $7,000 of an employee’s pay. The employee has $206 in federal income taxes withheld. The employee has voluntary deductions for health insurance of $174 and contributes $87 to a retirement plan each month. What is the amount the employer should record as payroll taxes expense for the employee for the month of January? (Round your intermediate calculations and final answer to two decimal places.)


9. An employee earned $5,000 working for an employer. The current rate for FICA Social Security is 6.2% and the rate for FICA Medicare 1.45%. The employer’s total FICA payroll tax for this employee is (Do not round your intermediate calculations. Round you final answers to two decimal places):

Zero, since the FICA tax is a deduction from an employee’s pay, and not an employer tax.

10. On November 1, Carter Company signed a 120-day, 10% note payable, with a face value of $22,500. What is the maturity value of the note on March 1? (Use 360 days a year.)


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