Arguable Claim Email

 Write a claim email that is between 5-7 paragraphs in length and written in correct business tone 

More detail in the document provided an example is provided for reference only, please follow the instruction carefully 

NOTE: Do not copy the language, phrasing or body paragraph length of this sample letter—use it as inspiration and a general model.

Dear Ms. Dow,

Over the past few years, Sports Gurus has provided a valuable service to my wife and me, regarding our son, Jeff. We appreciate the attention you have devoted to our needs. Your staff has provided outstanding service to our family and we appreciate the sincere concern your counselors have expressed for my family’s well being. However, I am writing concerning a billing issue that I hope can be resolved soon. Comment by Colin: Introduction written in the INDIRECT STYLE. Opens referring to past positive relationship, but suggests that you have a problem that needs to be addressed.

Recently, we experienced a misunderstanding with your billing office. After Jeff’s last appointment with his trainer, we stopped by the front desk, where we learned we had a balance due in the amount of $155.00. The staff members did not know what the charge was for and said she would find out on the next day. Because we were in a hurry to pick up our son, I asked my wife to pay the amount, feeling we could sort out the details later. Comment by Colin: Calmly and objectively establishes the problem and related facts—the history, what happened?

The next day we found out that the $155.00 is a charge for our supposedly missing an appointment on May 29 at 2:00 p.m. This news was a big surprised to my wife and me. I checked my detailed phone log and verified that I had called your office on the morning of May 27 to cancel the appointment and reschedule it for a later date. In addition to the entry in my log, I specifically recall the telephone conversation. Comment by Colin: Provides a clear time line and is specific about what took place.

In sum, my wife and I ask that you and your office staff void the $155.00 charge. It would be unfair to charge us $155.00 when we canceled our May 29 appointment more than 48 hours in advance. I am confident that we met your cancellation guidelines. I am particularly conscientious about keeping all appointments I make, and if I cannot keep an appointment, I always cancel well before the agreed upon time. Comment by Colin: ACTION STATEMENT *Makes a specific request for an adjustment. Comment by Colin: Persuasive strategy—ends by appealing to ethos and pathos (values and credibility of writer).

Considering the money and time my wife and I have spent with you, this particular incident is relatively minor. Sports Gurus offers the best counselling for athletes and their families in the country, and we are convinced that—until now—our son Jeff has benefited from his time under your team’s guidance. We hope this issue can be resolved amicably, and we look forward to future meetings with you. Comment by Colin: Ends with positive tone

If you would like to discuss the matter with me, please call me at 555-2564.

Thank you.


Bob Smith

Project 08 Arguable Claim Email (25 points)

Write an arguable claim email after readingchapter 14 Emailsin your textbook.However, you also need to study writing the arguable claim letter section that is described on pages (355-358). The sample letter is on page 357. In addition, I have posted a “Sample Claim Letter” in the Handouts folder on Blackboard.

Note: The sample letters use the correct organizational strategy for an arguable claim letter, but do not copy them exactly. Do not copy the language, words or phrases, or paragraph length—this is not a template, it’s merely one sample.

Video Explanation of Assignment and Sample Letter: (13 minutes)

Assignment Length: Write aclaim email that is between 5-7 paragraphs in length and written in correct business tone.

Email Paragraphs: Single-spaced email. Don’t exceed 7 sentences (email paragraphs are shorter than traditional documents)

Use the background information below to write your email:

Background Information

You work for the Academy of American Poets, a non-profit organization, as their accounts manager. The AAP has received an erroneous bill from a longstanding business client, and you have been trying to investigate the issue for the last two weeks. You are writing one last email in an attempt to solve this problem.

The Problem

In February, the Academy of American Poets held a poetry reading in honor of National Poetry Month at the downtown YMCA in New York City. Since the inception of National Poetry Month in 2011, the YMCA has provided its space at a reduced rate of $2,000. However, a week after the event, the Y billed the Academy $4,000 for use of the facility without notifying the Academy ahead of time regarding the price increase. Since the Academy works on a limited budget, such a price increase could prevent the Academy from using the space in the future.

· As an employee of the Academy of American Poets, you have been in contact with two of the YMCA’s staff. You have spoken with Nick Fury, the events coordinator and his supervisor, Sue Harbringer, who is the office manager.

· You will be writing to Deejah Thoris, the regional manager for the YMCA, who is the last person who could possibly help you with this issue.

· Ms. Thoris is the supervisor for both Mr. Fury and Ms. Harbringer.

Email Instructions: Points for my grading are based on this bullet pointed list below. Read them closely:

· Use the Background Information for the basis of your email, but you have creative flexibility with the interpretation of those facts. You must expand and elaborate in any area where it assists your argument.

· Areas to develop:

You might mention your feelings about the event space and the service the YMCA provided. Was the AAPs event successful?

· Expand and describe your interaction with Nick Fury and Sue Harbringer. You may add any supporting details, reasoning, and explanation that you think is important, and helps you build your argument.

· Because your request is an arguable claim, organize the letter using an indirect pattern (as defined in Chapter 15).

· Write a specific action statement for use in the letter. Define the purpose of the email by deciding what you want Ms. Thoris to do when she has finished reading it.

· An additional persuasive strategy for a letter such as this would also include appeals to ETHOS (values and beliefs) of the intended audience (the YMCA), as you try to connect with and persuade them—what shared values or mission do you have? (perhaps review the YMCA’s website.)

· Attachment: Add an attachment with your email.Just name any document(s) you would (hypothetically) include with the email to support your argument. Don’t create a separate document—just name the types of documents you would want to include to help build your case.

· Recipient’s email address:

· Your email address: Use your UH outlook email or a fake one.


To: <email address>

From: <email address>

Subject: Brief title that specifies the topic and perspective on that topic

Attachment: Title of attached file?

[ Start email here]

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