Chreia Persuasive Presentation

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Chreia Persuasive Presentation Inspirational executives, leaders, scholars, inventors, artists, authors and other successful people are often admired and emulated for wisdom, work philosophies, or inspiring life stories behind their success. There is much to be learned from successful people who live meaningful lives. Some influential people offer us memorable quotes to shape our own thoughts or behavior. The ancient Greek rhetoricians called these types of sayings “Chreias.” Chreias are brilliant tools for persuasion.

Goal: In this assignment, you will take on the role of an Executive Coach to your Potential Executive/Manager classmates and persuade them to subscribe to a particular piece of advice shared from a quotation (Chreia) you select.

Task: In a thoughtful, well-planned, and well-rehearsed 4-5-minute inspiring presentation do the following:

*Step One:

 Select a quotation that demonstrates inspiration, wisdom, or a philosophy worthy to teach others.

 Using one PowerPoint slide, show us your quotation and its source (the author).

*Step Two:  Write an introductory sentence that calls for the praise of the author.  Add three praises (not just facts, but explanations of specific virtues and

accomplishments).  Include a few facts about the author of the quote; i.e. time and place of birth,

chosen career.  End with telling us how the author lived life according to the quote.

*Step Three: Paraphrase the quote – one short sentence. Begins with a phrase like, “This saying teaches that…”

*Step Four: Tell us a general story that shows good results when this Chreia is followed.

*Step Five: Tell us a general story that shows bad results when this Chreia is not followed.

*Step Six: Tell us an analogy to help us understand this quote; i.e. “As running around a brick wall won’t kill someone, in the same way, patience results in success.”

*Step Seven: Testimony: Tell us how the quotation’s message can apply to your classmates’ experience and help them succeed. This might include an example of something that actually happened linked to advice for the future. Why should they remember and follow the message offered in your Chreia?

*Step Eight:  In a conclusion, circle back to your quotation and its author, ending with a

final “clincher.”

 At this point, hand out to the members of your audience a small memento that represents the point you have been making. It could be a business card, a piece of candy or a cookie (wrapped), a small picture, a trinket, etc. Use your imagination!

NOTE: In preparing for your presentation, practice your timing and your delivery using PitchVantage. Tape at least three practice sessions and upload your best one for review. Remember that your oral presentation is worth a possible 100 points. You will be graded on content, delivery (verbal and non-verbal), and timing. Speaking less than four minutes or more than five minutes will cause a reduction of points.

A Story of Patience Abraham Lincoln 3-03-20

Abraham Lincoln, though born poor, became a very wise and just

president. He was president during the Civil War and was very loyal to the

side of the Union. He was born in a log cabin, so he had experience in what it is

like to be living in a home where you have to do everything, without any

servants to help you or anybody to support you. He lost several elections

before ever winning one. He learned success comes only after much patience.

After he became president, in his second term, he was assassinated after

having served his country to the fullest of his capability. Even though he was

assassinated, he still made his mark in American history. Without him, the

Union may have lost the Civil War and we might still have slavery today.

Abraham Lincoln teaches patience through his words: “We shall sooner have

the fowl by hatching it than by smashing it.”

This saying teaches us that we shall more quickly have the baby bird by

allowing nature to take its course on the egg’s shell than by destroying it


Patience results in success. Let us look at an example we can all relate

to. A child is baking delicious cookies on a Saturday morning in his kitchen.

He wants to take the cookies out of the oven early, but he waits because he

knows that waiting for the cookies to be fully cooked is a better option than

taking them out early and having some raw cookie batter. Even though the

delicious aroma of the cookies tempts him to take out the cookies early, he

waits patiently to hear the “ding” of the timer. When he finally takes out the

cookies on time, he has beautiful cookies that he can now enjoy.

Impatience, on the other hand, results in failure, not success. Careless

haste is even worse. Consider the same case: a child is baking delicious

cookies one Saturday morning. Instead of waiting patiently for the timer on

the oven to go off, he is desperate to have some warm yumminess in his

mouth and takes out the cookies five minutes before the timer signals. When

he looks at them, his face is full of disappointment because all he sees is a pile

of tasteless mess. When he eats one, he gets a tummy ache from the uncooked

dough. This example shows the result of being impatient. This unwise child

now has some cookie batter in the shape of circles and potential food

poisening instead of warm, gooey cookies.

Just as running around a brick wall saves a person’s life, in the same

way, patiently addressing problems procures the desired results.

In the story Robin Hood, an outlaw waits for his king (King John) to

understand the need of having to give to the poor. This outlaw waits for two

long, hard years for the king to change his mind about the law that states, “If

you give to the poor, you will have your land and money stripped from your

family’s name.” The outlaw is very patient with the king, especially when the

outlaw had many chances to kill the king and his men. But the outlaw’s

patience pays off in the end. The king finally lifts the law about giving to the

poor. Then, the outlaw celebrates this victory. The moral is that patience, no

matter how hard it is, will result in success.

The saying, “Our patience will achieve more than our force,” by Edmund

Burke has a similar meaning to Abraham Lincoln’s wise words. They both

understand that patience rather than haste is the key to success, even if you

have to work hard.

As a college new college graduate beginning your career in your chosen

field, opportunities for success will abound. You are talented and smart, and

full of energy, and you want your success now! However, in your career you

will face many challenges and obstacles to success. Therefore, there will be

many opportunities to speed up our success. But be careful. Sometimes in

your haste to accomplish, you may smash the very result you are desiring, as

with the chicks and the eggshell in Lincoln’s quote. Don’t smash the eggshell

in haste; you can kill the chick in the process!

“But I am smarter than my colleague running the meetings! I have better

solutions to this problem! They have had their chance already! It’s my turn!”

Yes, you want that baby chick of success hatched already – you want those

warm gooey cookies with your milk – you want the king to change the rules

NOW. But Lincoln would beg you beware of impatience and haste, lest you kill

the opportunity with force. If the hatched chick is your success, don’t go in

ready to crack the shell of your new company or colleagues to seize your

“deserved” success or recognition. Instead, consider nurturing the egg,

keeping it warm, and watching and learning from the example of a mother

bird who takes great care to make sure the hatching process goes well. The

process determines the outcome.

As the mother bird waits patiently and prepares for the successful hatching,

humble yourself to prepare for success well earned. Rest in the knowledge

that others have been in your place before you and have skills and

experiences that you are yet to benefit from. Take time to absorb all the

positive parts of your environment. Respect leadership. Submit to

opportunities to grow. Place energy into expanding your skillsets to offer

more to your workplace and colleagues, not to get more. As the mother bird

prepares wisely, yet waits, these are activities that show the wisdom of

patience. When it comes time for leadership to reward workers with

opportunities, your humble patience, not force, will allow nature to take its

course and allow the baby chick out of the shell to begin new life.

All people should heed the wise words of Abraham Lincoln regarding

patience. The civil war and Lincoln’s opponents to ending slavery were brutal

enemies of patience. Lincoln grew weary during the battles. He had many

choices to take the easy impatient route, but the goal was worth the patience

and effort. Slavery was abolished. Don’t let yourself be a slave to impatience.

Remind yourself of nurturing the egg, not cracking it. If you follow this advice,

long term success can be yours.

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