Christal Tsoi-A-Sue Human Trafficking Treatment Center Business Plan

Executive Summar

Christal Tsoi-a-sue, human trafficking treatment center, is a non-profit organization that houses children and youth who have been trafficked and exploited in Georgia and Atlanta. Human trafficking is increasingly becoming one of the fastest-growing criminal industries globally, which has been influenced by recruitment, transportation, and harboring of youths and children with the sole purpose of human parts exploitation. Existing research indicates that the cartels in this sector generate billions in profit per year at the expense of their unsuspecting innocent victims. Christal Tsoi-a-sue human trafficking treatment center’s primary goal is to remain faithful to providing treatment to victims, psychological support and help prevent such atrocities through creating awareness. At the same time, they provide support to their families and ensure social and emotional wellness by providing trauma-informed specialized treatment. The center has qualified physicians specialized in Trauma-Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy to assist traumatized youths and children.


The Christal Tsoi-a-sue human trafficking treatment center provides accessible and quality services with the sole purpose of helping the clients overcome human trafficking trauma in an understandable and meaningful manner.

Environment– the center is user-friendly because inquiries are replied to with accurate and prompt information while maintaining good communication. The services provided are cost-effective, and it also has a shared treatment philosophy.

Marketability– our marketing strategies are top-notch since we advertise specialized services such as individual and group treatment, therapy during weekends and after hours, and the use of tracking outcome measures will serve the sole purpose of achieving customer satisfaction.

Customer contact is value-added because the center can facetime and make a phone call to clients at their time of need. They also have access to toll-free lines, which they can call and seek assistance 24 hours, daily.

Location and ease of access– the center is located few blocks from the central business district. It is accessible by both private and private transportation and unmotorized transport (Elliott, 2018).

Financial Expectations

The center expects a turnover rate of more thna100% from one fiscal year to the other. The facility will house the patients until they complete their program. We expect 60 percent will continue receiving treatment and support at their homes after leaving the premises; therefore, the forecast is reasonable. The center is ready to handle a steady rise of patients. The second-year will have an 18% growth rate, followed by 23% growth in the third year. The second-year growth is attributed to increased referral, while the third-year growth rate will increase therapy contracts and better-negotiating terms.


Recent developments have indicated reduced contracts with health organizations, while the demand for health care has increased, which has created a competitive clinical market. The financial constraints caused by the coronavirus pandemic have negatively affected the demand for behavioral healthcare services; therefore, customer service becomes a critical factor. The customers are the drivers of this industry because they constitute the highest percentage of referrals. The Christal Tsoi-a-sue, human trafficking treatment center, has identified organizations that help trafficked victims, and they have a muscular glitch on the market. The marketing team has also noted several other behavioral health providers within the operation area, such as outpatient clinics, government hospitals, and residential mobile medical practitioners. Maintaining competitiveness within the market is to provide quality service, which is accessible full time and optimally.

Market Plan and Target Market

The center’s survival and growth are dependent on how aggressively it provides the services needed to the clients. Therefore, the target market is already existent customers and local community organizations individual on support, families, couples, adolescents. In contrast, the next target will be the payors who are acting as referrals.  

Sales Plan

The Christal Tsoi-a-sue human trafficking treatment center will focus its sales plan on two highly commercial areas: the communities living in Georgia and Atlanta. The services being provided will include rehabilitation, trauma treatment, psychopharmacology, and psychotherapy. The sales strategy focuses on community agencies, medical groups, clients who have experienced trafficking, and managed care companies (Andrew 2020).


Location and Facilities

This is one of the most critical planning puzzles because the more strategic the center’s location will be, the better the customer turnout. The Christal Tsoi-a-sue human trafficking treatment center, will be located in downtown Gregory because it has access by road and train. There are fewer restrictions. The local authorities are encouraging the establishment of rehabilitation centers because of increased trafficking crimes and substance abuse. Therefore, it has higher proximity to potential clients.


patients can use virtual reality to help them recover from an injury to spend their time perform motions in a virtual environment, therefore, assisting in their recovery. Transcranial magnetic stimulation can be used to recover from trauma by sending magnetic impulses which stimulate the brain through the skull—mostly used to help people who underwent stroke during human parts surgeries to recover their brain functions.

Equipment & Tools

Computers, Howard robotics, gaming pads, and screens.

Milestones & Metrics

Ensure that the center comes up with social media accounts in Facebook, Twitter, and messaging applications such as WhatsApp. This should be completed before opening by the sales and marketing team. Community support programs should also be implemented precisely one month after operations kickstart. The relations officer should be made possible who will be hired if the business hits its financial objectives (Bakhshayeh, 2019).

Company Overview and Management Team

The company will be owned solely by Christal Tsoi-a-sue, who will act as the group CEO. He will be advised by a director who will be working for 40 hours per week, and they will ensure normal daily operations don’t stall by being present daily. Three other residential counselors will be employed on a bi-weekly salary of $1980. They will work in shifts 7 am-2 pm, 2- 10 pm, and they will be supervised by an educational principal who will be paid a bi-weekly salary of $1550.00, and they will be working six days a week on an 8 am-4 pm shift. They will be assisted by two teachers who will also work on an 8 am-4 pm shift, being paid a $960 bi-weekly salary.

The earlier mentioned residential counselors will be hired on contract terms, they will be paid $13 per hour, and their job description will be to oversee all children in the program on one staff to 3 children ratio, support children needs, assisting in daily living tasks, cook meals, ensuring the personal safety and welfare of physical, disable and behaviorally challenged individuals in the program, transport children to doctor appointments, create a menu, create a grocery list and keep up with program cleanliness. They will work on alternating shifts, namely 1st shift 7 am to 3 pm, 2nd shift 3 pm to11 pm and 3rd shift from 11 pm to 7 am.


Andrew Karhan, M. P. A., & Rachel Pollack, J. D. (2020). Vocational Rehabilitation Youth Technical Assistance Center.

Bakhshayeh, S., Sarbaz, M., Kimiafar, K., Vakilian, F., & Eslami, S. (2019). Barriers to participation in center-based cardiac rehabilitation programs and patients’ attitude toward home-based cardiac rehabilitation programs. Physiotherapy theory and practice.

Elliott, S., & Matthew, A. (2018). Sexual recovery following prostate cancer: recommendations from 2 established Canadian sexual rehabilitation clinics. Sexual medicine reviews6(2), 279-294.

Medical Rehabilitation Coordinating Committee, N. I. H. (2017). National Institutes of Health research plan on rehabilitation. Assistive Technology29(2), 106-109.

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