CV And Cover Letter

Your application should include the following:

  1. Indication of your chosen projects – maximum of three (3) projects in order of preference.
  2. A curriculum vitae (CV).
  3. A cover letter for EACH of the projects which clearly:
    • indicate why you choose the project.
    • provide an indication of how you intend to undertake the project and/or propose programme of work.
    • indicate your strength, background, skills and experience. 

The panel strive to complete the  selection process and communicate result as soon as possible in order to  allow you time to develop project proposal as part of the Research  Methods component of the module. It is however, advisable that you have  an alternative topic for the Consultancy Project should your application  is not successful. 


NoName of client organisationWebsiteAbout the organisationSummary of business need / project overview
14 The Benefit of All plan is to create an impact centre for use by the community in and around Grangemouth, third sector and more than profit businesses with an emphasis on improving health, education and in regeneration however, this was placed on hold due to Coronavirus lockdowns. Having gifted use of the space to the local food distribution network during the worst of the pandemic, we hope to move this plan forward mid 2021. We seek to act as the catalyst for a “Third Sector Village” in the precinct meeting needs identified by a survey carried out on behalf of Falkirk Council. This is a new and dynamic approach based on coworking, collaboration and partnerships. We anticipate rolling out the model on a hub and spoke basis with Grangemouth as the Mother Hub. As a charity focusing on learning, wellbeing and capacity building, we have reverted to online delivery, in the meantime. Our Impact Centre will provide wellbeing, learning and community use space, meeting, and podcast facilities together with rooms, event space, secure desks, and storage space. We will augment these by continuing online and outreach facilities whilst working in partnership with other local and national organisations. An important element of our proposed model is the anticipated involvement of local users in the management and operations of the centres.Our expansion plans, mentioned above, will help repurpose the high street, create volunteer and employment opportunities and build resilient communities.Title of proposed project: Building resilient communities using gamification. Project outline: Game design elements and gaming principles have now filtered into many aspects of everyday life including apparently simple points based rewards for buying a coffee with your credit card viewing properties or banking. This project looks at how the growing use of gamification in online learning, online advice and consulting, including the use of CAD and Virtual Reality can be harnessed to support our plans. How can 4 The Benefit of All utilise gamification in its delivery of core aims whilst engaging, supporting, and motivating communities? Anticipated Outcomes: 1. Identify opportunities to use existing apps and technologies to enhance digital delivery. 2. Research opportunities to work with others to develop innovative solutions to support the business – including intellectual property issues. 3. Develop a business case for investment to help 4 The Benefit of all to upscale it’s delivery of its objectives.
2Astrid Davies Consulting www.astriddaviesconsulting.comManagement consultancy, working with client organisations to deliver positive change that lasts, whether for organisational structure, processes or personal development. This is done through executive and team coaching, mentoring, facilitation and training. Microenterprise.Project outline: Astrid Davies Consulting is a six year old microenterprise, which relies heavily on marketing and social media activity to keep its profile in front of potential clients. The company currently has an online presence comprising: • A new website; • LinkedIn profiles for Astrid Davies and Astrid Davies Consulting; • Facebook profile for Astrid Davies (professional capacity only), Astrid Davies Consulting and Future Leaders Breakfast ™, a trading brand specifically for networking events; • Twitter for Astrid Davies; • Instagram for Astrid Davies The company’s marketing strategy centres around the company’s core products: coaching and mentoring; leadership development training, Action Learning and facilitation; and the Future Leaders Breakfast ™ networking events. There is a separate marketing strategy for the company’s work with The Change Maker Group and this activity is not in scope for this project. The company has accessed a series of marketing professionals’ advice on how best to promote its services. Specifically, it has received conflicting advice on which online platforms would suit the company’s target markets best. The company has marketing avatars, and advice is varied on how best to reach those avatars. The project would be to work with the Managing Director, Astrid Davies, to monitor and analyse the company’s online presence over a defined period of time. The specific aim is to create an evidence base to inform the company’s marketing approach, which identifies the online platforms that best target the company’s avatars, and potentially which platforms would be likely to yield the most suitable clients that are the best match. Required outputs: • Evaluation of Astrid Davies Consulting online presence for effectiveness (numbers and levels of interaction) based on defined number of experimental parameters (posts across the range of social media, for instance) • Evaluation of Astrid Davies Consulting online presence for accuracy of targeting (how well responders match prospective client avatars) • Recommendations for most appropriate online platform(s) for the company to use to reach and convert its avatars • Summary report and/or presentation to explain findings, to include metrics Optional outputs: • Recommendations for how the most appropriate platform should be used (suggestions for timing and nature of post) • Recommendations for how to better use analytics to monitor ongoing company marketing Resources available to research students • Access to website analytics / • Access to social media analytics (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn) / • Access to company marketing strategy avatar detail / • Access to list of competitors for comparison if required Additional resource offered to research students (in lieu of direct payment) • Business/start up mentoring / • Career and leadership development mentoring / • Coaching skills
3Creative Carbon Scotland Carbon Scotland (CCS) believes that the arts and culture have an essential role in achieving the transformational change which is needed in society to achieve a sustainable, low carbon future and is built into the recent Scottish Government’s Programme for Government. Within the work at CCS they have fostered personal connections with cultural practitioners throughout Scotland to encourage discussions, experience sharing and learning on how to bring about that transition. They want to build on that work to widen our influence and support within Scotland and internationally. For the new research they wish to explore how they can help / influence / inform creative companies on pathways to net zero / carbon reduction. The aim is to put real flesh on the impacts of making changes based on the 2035 zero carbon ambition– even small ones – that will make a tangible difference. For example companies may already feel that they are undertaking significant steps (recycling etc) but are there other ways that carbon footprint can be reduced and that everyone within the team could take personal responsibility for.Project outline: Currently the Coronavirus pandemic has forced a huge shift in behaviour and learning from face to face performance to online performance and as the need to tackle climate change becomes more urgent we need to answer new questions on how audiences interact with culture. Planning an artistic programme with multiple productions and events is a complex juggling act involving many decisions and if we are to operate as a Net Zero nation, avoiding emissions by managing carbon has to be part of that planning process. New and difficult decisions will need to be made on what types of productions and events are compatible with emissions targets. The work that cultural organisations carry out is hugely varied and while the carbon footprint of a kWh of electricity or gas is well documented, data on services and supply chains is less reliable. This extra dimension needs support to be manageable. The ultimate goal is for Creative Carbon to support businesses within their network with an “easy to use decision support tool” that could also embed knowledge and a responsible ‘carbon approach’ in users (similar to health messaging on the principle of eating 5 a day pieces of fruit). Example of topic of research would be literature review of carbon footprint generated through • Impact of producing work for online consumption including cloud storage eg. Energy and materials required • Impact of audience accessing content • Analysis of variation in sustainability of IT service providers, platforms and equipment suppliers • Which goods and services have a significant footprint? • Can we estimate the impacts of online performances, exhibitions, workshops, classes and many more activities. • Is there any difference in sustainability between different service providers or suppliers? • Once face to face performance is again possible, and faced with the need to keep within a strict carbon budget to reduce emissions by 20-30% every year, would/could online performance reduce emissions while satisfying our basic need for communication/culture? • Role and effectiveness of offsetting Anticipated Outcomes: • Decision support tool • Embedded understanding of high carbon intensity activities
4Electrek Explorer (Note: Website in development – information via Facebook at the moment) Explorer is on a mission to tackle the climate crisis by incentivising low carbon electric vehicle travel, supporting a Green Recovery, enabling the UK to Bounce Back Better. Electrek Explorer is a new website and app being developed for Electric Vehicle (EV) users – electric cars, e-bikes, e-motorbikes. We’re working to build an EcoTravel Marketplace that enables booking of accommodation, adventure tourism activities and EV hire. We offer bespoke high-adventure, low impact-EV road trips, by developing EV routes for low-carbon adventure holidays in Scotland and UK. We overcome the barrier to EV transition by minimizing ‘range anxiety,’ providing all the information needed for an EV trip in one place. That’s how we help to tackle Climate Change – by incentivising electric travel and eco-tourism. We’re currently hosted by Ordnance Survey Geovation Business-Accelerator Program in partnership with Registers of Scotland.Title of proposed project: Data Analysis to enable High-Adventure, low-impact Electric Vehicle-Tourism in Scotland Project outline: – Assessment and development of data collection processes and systems – Development and usage of data visualisation Purpose – With transport causing over a quarter of all greenhouse gas emissions in the UK, Electrek Explorer was started to be part of the solution towards a low carbon economy. We aim to help tackle the climate crisis by minimising Electric vehicle (EV) ‘range anxiety’ and incentivising low carbon and eco-tourism in Scotland. Objective – The objective of this project is to undertake: – The development of the EV Tourism geospatial database with a focus on e-bike hire and developing route planning in Scotland – Use data to create a data visualization. This data visualization could take the form of an interactive map to be displayed on Electrek Explorer website. This would help to develop E-bike adventures in Scotland and plan eco-friendly adventures that partner with local community businesses and drive traffic to Electrek Explorer website. Space Intelligence Ltd could also provide a baseline map for student to work on. – If time and resources allow, to develop a data set that would allow people to create, submit and share their own e-bike adventure routes in Scotland (e.g. through crowdsourced mapping) The overall objective of project is to help electric bike users navigate exciting routes and connect with accommodation ( hotels, Bnbs, campsites, bothies), shops, local produce cafes, restaurants and local communities. Student also welcome to propose innovations around route and visualisation. Anticipated Outcomes: – To work with Electrek Explorer to make available the products and analytical methods used to reach the objectives – Provide a high-level two-page executive summary of the work at the end of the project, and a ~10 minute presentation on the results to Electrek and interested partners. – To produce a data visualization, ideally in form of a map (e.g. proposed routes shown as lines over a map of Scotland or test area) with interactive components. Possible extensions of work if time available to include integrating bike routes with other transport networks (e.g. Scotrail). – To have fun and enjoy being part of the Electrek Travel revolution Any additional comments – Student to select and recommend appropriate geospatial tools. E.g. low cost web mapping technology (open street map, QGIS)
5Gairloch Museum are a small, award-winning independent museum located in the north-west Highlands. Based in a converted nuclear bunker, we aim to tell the story of Gairloch and its surrounding area: from the people who have lived and worked here over the centuries to the geology and wildlife that give the place its character. In 2020 we were named joint-winners of the Art Fund’s Museum of the Year Award.Title of proposed project: Making better use of visitor data: towards a data strategy for a small Scottish museum Project outline: We are looking for someone to help our museum understand and make better use of data. We recently moved into a new museum building which will allow us to welcome a significantly larger number of visitors than we could accommodate in our previous home. We are also seeing increased engagement with our online activities, both because of the pandemic but also on the back of winning the Art Fund’s Museum of the Year award for 2020. Yet we do not currently have any real mechanisms or tools in place to capture or analyse data relating to our visitors or audiences. We hope the project can help us by conducting an initial audit of our data, to help us understand both what we have and what we might capture as a small tourism business. Using this audit as a starting point, we would like the project to help us develop an outline data strategy for the museum to embed data capture and analysis more strongly into our work. As above, we see the methodology as being roughly: • Initial literature review to understand the value of data for small tourism businesses • Review of existing data and format captured in • Production of audit report • Application of tools such as SWOT analysis to results of audit and lit review • Creation of outline/indicative data strategy Anticipated Outcomes: We see the project resulting in two main outcomes: Data Audit This exercise would help us to understand two things: 1) what data we currently capture, and whether we capture it in a format that can be easily analysed, and 2) what data can be captured by small tourism businesses to provide meaningful intelligence for planning and marketing. We see the former drawing on the student’s existing expertise, while the latter might take the form of an initial literature review of the data potential for the tourism, and arts and culture sectors. Data Strategy Given the time constraints of the project we expect this to be an outline or indicative strategy rather than a full document or written report. But we would hope this work would use tools such as SWOT analysis, digital maturity ladders, and prioritization matrices to identify the most fruitful ways forward for us when it comes to capturing and analyzing data. We would hope it could identify both some quick wins for us, and longer-term opportunities that we might invest in over the coming years.
6INDEZhttps://indez.comINDEZ is an 8 person ecommerce services, 26 year old, company. Our core business is designing, building, supporting and marketing mid-sized ecommerce (online trade) businesses. Our culture is technical with precision and attention to detail. With some of our clients turning over many tens of millions in online sales on platforms selling 1000+ products per day we do need to be very careful in what we do. We have around 30 clients, mostly across Scotland.We are in the process of planning a new (additional) business activity. In the short-term, the activity will not make a profit so we need to proceed cautiously to avoid it acting as a burden on the rest of the company. Once established, we believe that it will operate as a self-supporting unit. The business will be operating as a merchant selling products via Amazon. We make use of some software tools that can help focus onto viable product niches. Once niches have been identified, we will then purchase through wholesale channels and sell with fulfilment by Amazon. We do not plan to hold stock or undertake fulfilment ourselves. All of the work can be done remotely using a computer and a few software tools. The skills that a student candidate will acquire over time will be supply chain sourcing and management, search marketing, SEO, data analysis, content optimisation and sales/marketing management.
7Iceni Earth Ltd Earth is new business that exists to empower farmers with digital technology to respond to the climate and biodiversity emergency. Iceni Earth Ltd successfully competed to participate in The Scottish Government’s prestigious Innovation Accelerator CivTech They are responding to a CivTech Challenge set by NatureScot – How can digital help farmers improve the environment under their stewardship, and track that improvement? The grants that farmers receive are often based on the information they provide to funding schemes – these are traditionally paper based. Iceni Earth’s solution is a mobile app and digital platform. Farmers can collect field level data through the app for the relevant payment scheme. They will also receive information on potential payments they will receive in the future based on management actions they will be nudged to take. The app will also allow them to schedule management actions over the course of the year and measure progress against their peers bringing in a social network element to the process. The aim is to empower farmers with digital technology, sparking behavioural change and providing support through a results based payment scheme.Project outline: The information provided by the farmers will be uploaded to a visualisation platform that will allow NatureScot to visualise the data down to the field level and tracked over time. Benefits include real time data uploads, more accuracy and the ability to create a timeline for each habitat. They are currently entering the user research phase of the project and speaking to farmers and NatureScot. Proposed project: Beyond the initial contract with NatureScot they are keen to understand what the market opportunity is and would be interested in students looking at one or both of the following: 1. Interested in market analysis/competitor analysis – look at the space that exists already for this product. What other businesses are providing and receiving data in Scotland? Iceni’s sense is that the market is segmented with lots of different tools doing different things. What is the opportunity and where can they position themselves for maximum commercial benefit? 2. They will be receiving huge amounts of data from farmers. What else can be done with that data outside of the farming sector? Anticipated Outcomes: Report with a summary of recommendations addressing the questions outlined above.
8Loch Lomond & The Trossachs National Park Authority mission is to be the vital force in protecting and enhancing Loch Lomond & The Trossachs National Park. The National Park covers an area of outstanding landscapes, habitats and communities – and it’s our job to protect it, and reduce the impact of visitor and recreational pressures. Our vision – Loch Lomond & The Trossachs National Park Authority is an effective organisation of passionate people who inspire our communities, visitors and partners to work with us to enhance and promote this iconic National Park. The National Park Partnership Plan 2018-2023 is the overarching vision to guide how all those with a role in looking after the National Park will work together over the next five years to ensure a successful, sustainable future for this special place. Our aims – We have four aims, each one designed to safeguard a sustainable future: – Conserve and enhance – we protect and promote the natural and cultural heritage of the area – Sustainability – we promote the sustainable use of the natural resources of the area – Understanding and enjoyment – we encourage people to enjoy the special qualities of the area – Social and economic development – we promote sustainable development of the communities in the areaTitle of proposed project: Strategic Insights and the Loch Lomond and the Trossachs National Park Visitor Survey Project outline: The National Park Visitor Survey is a year-long, National Park-wide survey to gather visitor profile and behaviour information, visitor feedback and trends. The Survey runs every four to five years, with the latest survey completed in 2019/20 with a sample of 2,265 and due to be published in early 2021. The Survey has already delivered regular, National-Park wide insights which have been used primarily to inform the work of our Tourism team. However, it is clear that the Survey data could deliver over and above its primary function, particularly in providing strategic insights that can be used to inform planning, prioritisation and interventions. From initial discussions it is also apparent that it could inform the work of a broader range of teams across the organization; supporting business engagement, visitor management, sustainable transport and health improvement interventions, and our equalities work. New analysis could also form a key part of of a mid-term review of the National Park Partnership Plan 2018-2023 which is currently under consideration. The Park Authority holds the raw data of current and past Surveys. Anticipated Outcomes: For the students – Direct experience of data analysis for strategic planning and decision-making; increased understanding of the sustainable management of a National Park; opportunity to shape our strategic data analysis and how they underpin interventions. For the project – Increased strategic insight on the experiences and attitudes of National Park visitors to inform planning, prioritisation and interventions. Potential for it to form a key part of a mid-term review of the National Park Partnership Plan 2018-2023 (currently under consideration).
9LRNG.IO LTDwww.lrng.ioLRNG is an Education Technology (EdTech) company that offers Software as a Service to stakeholders in the Secondary School sector of the Education Market. We have a learning platform and marketplace that provides access to high quality resources and materials, and novel peer assessment technology to aid learning transfer.Title of proposed project: Data visualisation for educational progress tracking Project outline: Online education has seen an incredible increase within the last ten years, with providers fighting to provide the best user experience. This project seeks to use insights from behavioural psychology to provide an intuitive and enjoyable interface for students, where their progress is presented using an online data visualisation system. As part of the project, the student can explore different visualisation techniques and modalities, and have the opportunity to develop an innovative visualisation system. The system is to be written in Javascript or Python, but any frameworks used can be decided by the student. Supervision and guidance will be provided by our Chief Technology Officer. Anticipated Outcomes: – dataset generation – data visualisation system – associated documentation detailing the system – testing conducted to ensure system performance and quality
10Nectis Ltd Ltd focusses on optimising wellbeing, performance and productivity in the workplace. The company founder has a wealth of experience having spent more than 20 years building business ecosystems. Nectis Ltd successfully competed to participate in The Scottish Government’s prestigious Innovation Accelerator CivTech Nectis is addressing Challenge 10 with sponsor Transport Scotland. ‘How can tech help foster the development of informal networks when people are working at home or in Work Local hubs?’. Their solution is Unlocking Potential, a SaaS people analytics platform that visualises patterns of collaboration and uses insight to create agility and wellbeing. Their solution uses data driven insights to individuals and teams, to understand their patterns and overcome barriers, silos etc. In addition, it will provide an evidence base for fair working practices, supporting positive working relationships.Project Title: ACTIVATE Proposed project(s): A key aspect of Unlocking Potential (U>P) is the need to instil trust in the use of data. As a result, how our data is fed back will have a direct impact on whether users engage or not. The greater the level of utility the more likely users are to a) trust the data and b) become active. This part of our work is therefore a critical component to the success of the platform. While our clients love the insights created by the platform, the results are dependent on users inputting data. To date we have found varying degrees of engagement depending on the sector our clients are from, with the private sector users being much more focused on the element of ‘What’s in in for me’ than those in the non-profit sectors. This is something we hope this project will be able to address We wish to create a joint project to be delivered by two students with backgrounds in data analytics and behavioural science, under the ACTIVATE title. One student will focus on data visualisation while the other will work on creating personalised nudges to stimulate user interaction on the platform. For this project, we are looking for students who will be able to work with data that is already on the U>P platform and also test data, to find ways to increase the rate at which data is added, through motivational feedback loops. This will be achieved by identifying which forms of data design and delivery will optimise insight creation for individual users to help them solve problems and/or take meaningful action. Anticipated Outcomes: We expect this project to result in a testable Hook model, which will help U>P trigger positive behaviour traits that will lead to actions which positively impact cooperation, collaboration and innovation. This is based on the idea that data visualisation and nudge feedback will provide real-time insights and variable outcomes from actions taken and empower users to influence those outcomes through improved understanding and transparency. In terms of the nudge feedback loops, which might take the Fogg’s Behaviour Model (FBM) as a starting point, we are looking to use persuasive design to help: – drive user habits proactively – enable more informed user decision making – help users to develop skills that will result in more optimal results through cooperation and collaboration Ultimately, we aim to create new functionalities that can be built into U>P’s code.
11Rise Nutrition UK Limitedhttps://www.risenutiriton.orgRise Nutrition, UK is a sports technology company with a data-driven approach to fuelling high performing athletes. Nutrition is a complex problem that can profoundly impact performance- often the difference of seconds and centimetres at game time. Our in-depth nutrition analysis leverages data modelling and analytics techniques to enhance training, optimize performance, fuel recovery, and protect health. We deliver this through our proprietary software platform that is built around the needs and experiences of athletes and sports organisations.Title of proposed project: Output and Data Visualisations Project outline: Our platform is currently in the final stage of minimum viable product (MVP) development. We are set to begin beta-testing with university and professional athletes in the US and UK in late spring. The platform is being designed to use proprietary machine learning algorithms to build insight over time about individual athletes. Analytics are based on nutrition, performance, and health data. For example: food consumption, environment, preferences, and habits; energy, recovery, speed and strength in training and competition; quality and duration of sleep, and injury prevention/recovery; etc. Our platform uses these data metrics to provide access to over 75 reporting, analytic, and optimisation outputs. These outputs are currently displayed in a set of features on both our web dashboard and mobile application. Our goal is to be a leader in providing useable visualisations of nutrition status that are backed by research, allow users to finetune fuelling decisions and guides behaviour change. The proposed project will include 1) an exploration of existing data in order to understand data availability and structure; 2) an exploration of analytic metrics and algorithms in order to understand the underlying objective and key deliverable; 3) a review of existing outputs and visualisations that are utilised by the platform and comparison against other existing sports technologies, 4) determining the most effective visualisations (enhance quality of existing or developing new); 5) and the development of visualisation best practices and documentation. Depending on the interest of the student, this project has the ability to be primarily researched focused or to include focus groups with potential users to explore how individuals interact with and use the visualisations in order to determine whether they meet the needs of our users effectively. Anticipated Outcomes: The primary output of the proposed project will be the set of visualisations (and justifications) for the features that will be included in Rise Nutrition, UK’s MVP.
12The Libertie Project Limited enterprise combining technology and creativity to bring communities and people together. We are the largest provider of digital inclusion support in the Highlands and since Covid began, the largest provider of creative activity and wellbeing packs for adults and children in need.Project 3: Data analysis of vocational pathways project. The Liberty Project conducted a year-long vocational pathways project in HMP Inverness and an employability research project from public, third and commercial sectors, alongside peer led research. Covid and lockdown struck us down at the very end of the project and we have various data sets that need further analysis. Anticipated Outcomes: We would like a full report, executive summary and infographic on social impact outcomes from the research undertaken.
13Wit Workshop (a spin-out company of The University of Edinburgh)Wit Workshop is an indy games company currently working on launching our first game, Spin Meisters, a serious-or-satirical political card-based party game. Once Spin Meisters is launched and running smoothly, Wit Workshop can focus attention on other projects.Title of proposed project: Developing a Twitter/ Social Media BOT as a marketing tool Project outline: Politics, at its simplest, is a social algorithm and a kind of game. Parts of this algorithm have been written on cards in Spin Meisters – to play these cards, players give a brief 30s speech based on what’s written on them. Part of our social media marketing strategy involves following political figures on social media platforms. When they post something that corresponds to one of the cards in the Spin Meisters game, we will comment the card underneath it. This is to deepen the narrative that politics is a kind-of game (as in, they’re playing it in real life), communicate that (in real life) politics is being played algorithmically, and publicise the game each time. A BOT which could automate this would save an inordinate amount of time. It would work two-fold: – Analyse text posted by the political figures the BOT account follows. If a post matches one of the cards in the Spin Meisters game, comment the card underneath with a random time delay between X & Y hours. – If tagged in an update, Analyse the updates posted by the political figures followed. If matches one of the cards we have written up, post it underneath with a random time delay between X minutes & Y minutes. Creation of this BOT would allow us to run out social marketing strategy 24/7 for a few pounds a month, and so is of high interest to us. Anticipated Outcomes: Creation of the BOT
14Woodside Arran CIChttps://woodsidearran.comWoodside Farm (set up as Woodside Arran CIC) is a social enterprise permaculture farm in Kildonan on the Isle of Arran. Their initial focus has been on establishing a market garden alongside free range chickens and a mobile saw milling enterprise. They are also offering other organic produce and speciality items that can be difficult to find on the island. Focusing on the Community Supported Agriculture model (CSA) which is a customer-subscription model so that regular purchases support the farm set-up and running costs, they offer a select number of farm supporter accounts to start with, in order for them to get to know their customers and their needs. They also have a farm van and shop so that consumers can more easily purchase the food produced and understand the food’s provenance. The business aims to establish a diverse local food network for Arran that encompasses organic growing techniques, regenerative agricultural practices and sustainable models of food provision.Market/Project Background: Their current markets are both public, through the CSA scheme and wholesale to a number of local business. 2021 will see a time of rapid expansion with the support of Firstport’s Launchme accelerator programme and an expansion of all their enterprises with a specific focus on highlighting and developing their unique relationship with North Ayrshire Council. Woodside Farm has just completed an 18 month pilot whereby they secured a unique contract with their Local Authority to play a standalone part in the procurement of fresh produce for the island. They are included as part of community wealth building STAR Contract the first ever single tenure procurement contract between a local grower and a local authority, North Ayrshire Council, in Scotland. This came about in partnership with the Food for Life programme run by the Soil Association and has created an example of how local growers can interface with public bodies to create local jobs, encourage local food sales and cur local authorities cardon food print through reducing food miles. Woodside Arran is now in discussion with other additional local authority procurement departments to see how they can assist with this being rolled out in other areas. Woodside can provide data on the volume of food grown, start up costs, jobs hours, volunteer hours etc. They would like to bring in an independent, objective perspective to apply academic rigour and extrapolate the data to show bigger impacts. Key objectives include: • Catalogue benefits and challenges – what can be improved? • What are the economic impacts – can it help redistribute wealth, support more rural jobs? How can these be quantified? • How could this become a macro project over multiple locations across Scotland? • What are the environmental benefits? • Societal benefits/ Food security? • Provide a roadmap of next steps for Woodside • Provide tangible stepping stones to illustrate how other local authorities could implement similar strategies within their regions. Woodside Farm’s goal is to deliver a clear case to Local Authorities that their local sourcing model can provide the societal, economic and environmental benefits that are crucial in sustaining rural fragile economies as well as acting as the basis for an easily transferable model for Scotland.
15Helix Renewableswww.helixrenewables.comHelix Renewables is a Renewable Energy Onshore Development Consultancy, formed in 2020 with the mission of supporting the energy transition to a more sustainable future.Project outline: To develop a free online renewable energy site feasibility assessment website-based tool/app to help bring further renewable energy developers/clients to the Helix Renewables website. Helix Renewables has already developed a site feasibility assessment model in excel, so this would form the basis for the online tool/app. Anticipated Outcomes: 1. Student to consider all the various options for creation of the online tool/app; 2. Student to create a draft online tool/app, that could be potentially used on the Helix Renewables website; 3. Student to consider best options for the storage of data and any GDPR implications. Requirement: Student with some pre-requisite knowledge of how to develop web based tools/apps.
16Robertson Group are one of the UK’s largest family-owned construction, infrastructure and support services businesses. Together with our customers we invest, develop, construct and maintain across the whole built environment. Over the years our sustainable growth has enabled us to invest in our business, the future of people and communities, and deliver on major projects, infrastructure, residential and commercial schemes, and facilities management for customers nationally. Today we have offices across Scotland, the North of England and the Midlands. With our scale and capabilities, we have the ability to accept big challenges and build deep, mutually beneficial partner relationships. At the same time we think locally, working with our stakeholders and the supply chain to deliver services and infrastructure that will stand the test of time. Ultimately, everything we do is about making progress safely towards a sustainable future for our people, communities and our business. It’s the Robertson way.Project outline: As a business we need to get a better understanding of the Public Frameworks on the market to enable us to make informed decisions on which opportunities we should or should not bid in the future. Anticipated Outcomes: An understanding of all Public Frameworks that we as a business that we could be bidding on. We are looking to make bid/no bid decisions before the release of a new framework (PIN notice). Therefore, the analysis should look to inform the business of upcoming Framework re-procurement as well as providing the information required to help make the bid/no bid decision. If there is enough time it would be good to look into automation of how these processes could occur. There is a significant amount of information that is publicly available on TED, Find a Tender, Public Contracts Scotland and Contracts Finder however this data is hard to access and analyse. It is up to the student to work out the best way of collating this data so that it can be reported using PowerBi. If there is a requirement for tools or paid data sets during the process this can be reviewed.
17Scapade App is a mobile app that connects like-minded travelers & locals based on shared interests while promoting meaningful travel experiencesThe primary focus for the students will be: • Software Architecture Development – Architecting the software of a new product; improving the architecture of an existing system; porting an architecture of one system into another. • Real-Time Data Visualization – Creating a charting system with basic querying functionality; creating a dashboard to visualize key performance metrics of our organization or tool. • Database Analysis – Decreasing query execution time Anticipated Outcomes: Our goal at the end of this experience is: • Software Architecture Development – For the student(s) to provide a solution to our architecture issue to ensure optimal performance and sustainability. • Real-Time Data Visualization – For the student(s) to help us devise and implement a data visualization system to help our organization derive insights to inform decision-making. • Database Analysis – For the student(s) to help us improve our data storage and querying
18Agaru goal is to be the go-to resource for hospitality workers everywhere. We will help those that are good at their job have an independent measure of their talent. Take that record and find further training, education or perhaps even a raise. The future: Our platform will open opportunities that were simply not possible before; by having a record of skill staff can prove their talent and have a measure of feedback that doesn’t exist now. By having proof of employability this can open doors to loans, credit, further training or better jobs. WHO ARE THE CONTRIBUTORS? The contributors of the votes for staff are everyday people who may interact with frontline customer service agents in hospitality, like waiters, bartenders, sommeliers, baristas, etc Their vote based on the quality of the customer service received is the basis of the project. Agaru gives staff and enterprises peace of mind about customer service quality in hospitality interactions. We quantify and breakdown CX, helping manage staff and operations objectively. We crowdsource performance reviews for frontline hospitality and service staff, creating a transportable record of skill. We provide enterprises with an aggregate of the staff customer service performance on a daily / weekly / monthly basis. With this, talent can be spotted, and those lagging behind trained or monitored closely for improvement. The staff owns the data and can always opt out. By sharing the majority of our revenue ( up to 80%) with the participants (staff and voting customers) we will fuel the growth of the platform.PROJECT SCOPE We’re looking for database and data wrangling talent! We are a hospitality startup that helps create transportable records of customer votes for the frontline staff of hospitality enterprises. We are aiming to change the lack of tracking and metrics for skills that are considered ‘soft’ and ‘unmeasurable’ in customer service. Think crowdsourcing performance reviews + staff management system + employee feedback WHY BIG DATA & ML? Hospitality has Trillions of interactions everyday, and currently that data is lost. We aim to capture it for the benefit of staff and enterprises. So we need a good foundation to offer a robust, third party verifiable, and future proof platform for staff and enterprises everywhere. Outcomes: With this record enterprises can get better customer feedback and manage staff better; staff is rewarded for good performance and can have access to opportunities beyond age, gender, origin, politics or seniority at work; customers are rewarded for their participation (currently we send a bottle of wine for every 10 votes!). We believe this is a win-win-win and the way of the future. Our goal is that everyone that participates in the process can benefit from the interactions. GOALS OF THIS PROJECT 1.We need help wrangling the data by matching the staff name (and location) to existing records 2. Registered participants to be rewarded with cryptocurrency for their contributions 3. We need a verifiable way to ensure that each vote is unique and coming from one source using the browser / cookies to prevent abuse IDEAL OUTCOMES If there is no record there should be a new profile automatically created for the staff for every vote. Matching up records to staff is crucial (ideally no orphaned votes from incomplete data left). The implemented system will search in google the physical location of the enterprise and add that address to the record. Ideally a reference of the records will go onto a distributed ledger so that third parties can check the data without disclosing private information. We hope to integrate our reward system with cryptocurrencies for all registered participants to encourage participation and fuel the growth of the platform. DB should be write only or delete altogether the records, no edit.
19Activités Familles (start-up with no website as yet)Activités Familles is a new web initiative dedicated to improve the quality of life of families through greater accessibility to local services. Activités Familles’s mission is to give families access to a wide variety of personalized activities and events in order to save them time and money and to grow rich physically, emotionally, socially and mentally.Project outline: The project : Pricing Model Development. Activités Familles is a new innovative web solution keen to deepen its income model. We want to enter the market with a proven pricing model so that we can have a successful launch. We have started researching this and have considered different revenue models but we want to go further with in depth research and be given appropriate recommendations. Activités Familles has two targeted clients: mainly the parents and then the organizations of activities. Students should conduct primary and secondary research to find out relevant data and confirm the recommendation validated by our targeted customer.To accomplish this, we believe students will need to conduct the following research: 1. Our organization’s target customer, revenue targets, and business goals. 2. The competitive landscape of this market. 3. Organizing focus groups, surveys, and/or customer interviews to get input and feedback on potential pricing models. The student will undertake any relevant research of existing literature from comparable online service industries such as the leisure, travel, and research portal sites to collect data required to determine the business model returned. The research will focus on successful companies more specifically relevant to their different pricing models as well as their business goals. Anticipated Outcomes: The research results will lead to the draft of key performance indicators and elements of the phased income model according to the stages of development of Activités Familles. Recommendations A written report including an Executive Summary that illustrates students research findings and recommendations on Activités Familles key performance indicators and pricing model for each targeted customer. I am hoping to receive relevant information in order to establish a successful revenue model.
20Civita-Laurea is an intelligent and gamified platform, that allows to redesign the existing courses at universities, secondary schools, and other educative institutions, in a flexible and engaging way. By using AI models and motivational design, our system classifies and customizes the courses to the different student’s profiles. The system will care about evaluations and activities assigned to each student, based on their profiles. In this way, the professors’ time will be optimized and they will be able to focus on analyzing their students’ progress and guiding them, in real-time.Project Scope Our first goal is the courses’ content classification and diagnosis. We believe in Machine Learning as the technology which would classify the databases in useful content. One of the assets which will be uploaded by our customers will be videos. Our desire is obtaining a tool for classifying videos, based on their content and other characteristics based on the teaching-learning process’s requirements. We need to understand how an algorithm could be developed for classifying educational material. We can access hundreds of videos or images for different classes and the classification process is a very time consuming and laborious process. The challenge is trying to identify it through ML processes. We are seeking students who are looking for technology specifically around machine learning and image recognition. Students that are interested in creating the datasets needed to train the computer to identify classes. Responsibilities will include catalog videos and images, tagging them. After that, the team should define, train, and fit models. • The goal of this project would be to use machine learning or other image classification techniques to help sort images and videos based on classes. • A machine learning model that would classify videos and photos in a topic of math courses. The model should be able to classify the files by more than a topic, specifying which topics are taught and establishing other patterns related to teaching styles. The project provides an opportunity to participate in the development of an Artificial Intelligence project from concept through completing the tool for classifying videos and images. • Database Build – The students will help us to build a Database for storing files. • Machine Learning Software Solution – Building new models for object detection machine learning algorithms and Creating a recommendation, spotting trends in existing data, spotting anomalies in data sets Students should be prepared to: • Work with a like-agile project methodology. It isn’t necessary to be adjusted completely to the documentation, just working with the agile methodology’s spirit. • Creating Machine Learning Algorithms with their datasets for training, fitting, and evaluating quality. • Providing documentation for updating and maintaining the models. You will work directly with the Civita Laurea’s Founders who have the time and a clear understanding of the basis of a web application. Technology used Civita Laurea is expecting to use these technologies: • Machine Learning Tools: Tensorflow • Programming Language: Python • Database: Relational or Non-Relational Database (we will gladly receive your recommendations)
21The ReFrame Financial Group Inc. ReFrame Group founder, Antonio Zivanovic, transitioned into employee group benefits consulting and strategy in order to better address results-based workplace health and wellness programs. The ReFrame Group has now expanded its services into individual and commercial insurance solutions.Project outline: Client Journey -From lead to close to reports We would like the student to audit our current processes and reporting (Word and Excel documents), make recommendations and possibly implement student recommendations. Anticipated Outcomes: We would like fresh eyes on our procedures, to build reports in a more efficient way and how the final data is presented to our clients. Like any other industry and personal experience, we tend to fall into how things have been done and how we perceive it ‘should be done’.
22Customer Discovery sided marketplace helping early stage founders build products that people lovePROJECT SCOPE We are looking to hire a highly creative Data Scientist to address data analytics challenges in our organization, to collect large volumes of data from varying sources, clean and interpret data, create solutions to overcome challenges and communicate with interested parties. To succeed in this position; you need to be curious, creative and tech savvy. You need to stay up to date with data programming software and apps, have outstanding understanding of statistics and mathematics, and be proficient in writing algorithms. Top candidates will be persistent, and have excellent analytical and problem-solving skills.
23Shoptaki is a startup that is building new type of technology called Smartchain, it takes the concept of blockchain to the next level by utilizing collaborative A.i to not only make the system dynamic but also analyze and automate many processes. The system has wide range use cases: Decentralized Identity management, KYC, quantum encryption, predictive analytics, automation, the possibilities are endless with the Smartchain technology. This startup is currently bootstrapped and seeking to build a team to help make smartchain a reality. This system deal in wide range of tech such as A.I , Quantum resistance security, Distributed systems, etc..Project outline: 1. Collaborative AI – creating the Architecture and framework for the technology, each ai agent regardless of domain industry coordinate with each other, the more that is formed based on the amount of ecosystem the smarter it is. You can think of it as the entire internet as the human brain, and the Smartchain is more organized version of the internet that formulates multiple ecosystems. This project should lead into intelligence amplification. And knowledge graph that can automatically expand to different domains/industries and even languages 2. Developing a Faster and accurate search algorithm for ONE to many images when it comes to Facial verification/identification. Currently we are looking at a simple solution which is to type in a phone number, but in reality we want it to be completely touch free. (one to many and many to many) 3. AI Webcrawler that will crawl entire web and dark web to find/extract relative info. Using mix of NLP and Computer vision. We are currently reverse engineering DEEPDIVE which is created by Stanford and looking to have AI crawler to crawl regardless of domain/industry. So the knowledge graph should be multi domain 4. This is a side project away from Shoptaki’s main Business. To create a Drug interaction/tracking app. This app is to help keep record of all the supplements and drugs you take (legal and illicit substance) to determine side effects of the combination and suggestions to counter act the side effect. There is a community that deals in Nootropic and biohackers that take supplement/drugs to optimize health and cognitive . This can be benefical also in the health care to see if the medication is helping and how to counteract side effects or minimize it. Depending on the persons unique attributes.
24Peekage (Techstars’20) is an immersive product discovery platform for the consumers, and a data-driven digital product sampling platform for the CPG brands that helps them to hyper-target the desired audience and reach them at home, to showcase their physical products, in order to boost sales, and get consumer feedback. with the whole decline in retail and acceleration of e-commerce and DirectToConsumer brands, Peekage is building a new personalized showroom for every brand at the consumer’s homeProject outline: In this project, candidates will work alongside the data team to analyse the collected user data through our daily surveys to derive insights for our clients, by slicing the data and test different hypothesis. These insights will help our clients to improve their products and services, know their user base better and improve their marketing message. In addition to the analytics the data pipeline should get engineered to be optimized and fast. Based on your capabilities and interest, you will also be working on a recommendation system or forecasting model too. In this part of the program, you will be working directly with our senior data expert to build and fine-tune your models. Anticipated Outcomes: Analytics is the core of our service, building better insights and providing more value to our customers is key to our success. These will us to retain our customers longer and increase our sales conversion by offering superior services to our potential clients. For example, our honesty score is a rating model for users that measures their truthfulness. This metric helps us to remove noise from our collected survey responses and improve our forecasts. Improving this engine, further improves the accuracy of our analytics. In addition, some of the models will specifically improve our user experience. For example, our recommendation system will help them discover desired offers easily. Work will be done remotely.
25Clean Water International Mission: Clean Water International is a non-profit organization that empowers disadvantaged communities in the accessibility of safe water, sanitation, and hygiene (WaSH) projects. “We believe in every child’s right to clean water.” Our strength is on-the-ground project implementation of: water filtration solutions, water access solutions, water testing, water securement and safety protocols, sanitation solutions, systems training, disaster response (DART), WaSH and behavioural training, WaSH in schools and water footprint awareness, committee engagement, monitoring and reporting, empowering and transforming community’s health and helping to break the cycle of poverty that improved access to clean water and sanitation provides.PROJECT SCOPE We’re looking for a student to help us source, curate, develop, and post the content implementing strategies to increase awareness and nurture engagement with Google Adwords, Facebook and Instagram, paid and unpaid. Based on our goals, we are looking for the student to work on the following: For the student to help us generate more traffic and revenue through search engines. Students should be prepared to:
Complete an SEO analysis on our website
. Conduct competitive keyword research
. Update our website with the best structure and elements for SEO.
 Develop an on-page and off-page SEO plan. 
Identify key metrics to track success.

26TopSavings makes it fast, easy and delightful to find which stores will save shoppers the most money. Available for iOS and Android devices in Canada, the app’s main features are: – Smart Shopping List – Create a shopping list and the app compares the best prices across brands and sizes to calculate which store will save you the most money. – Daily Deals – The app features hundreds of excellent deals on products at nearby stores that are updated throughout the day. – Search – Search for your favourite groceries, personal care products, and household supplies. The app will find the best priced results at local and online stores. – Price Check – Simply point your mobile device at store shelves or products at home to see prices at stores near you.PROJECT SCOPE Our organization is able to offer a virtual internship opportunity for a student or team of students. We at TopSavings would like to improve our back end data acquisition systems. Currently we use TensorFlow and Python to scan grocery store and deal websites in order. To identify products and prices online. Our custom trained machine learning models and web scraping applications work continuously to gather new data used for product identification and price comparison. We also have a data management system that allows us to retrain our ML models in order to improve them in an ongoing basis. We are looking for a students proficient in Python. Some understanding of TensorFlow, Scrapy, Scrapy Splash, Selenium, BeautifulSoup, regex, xpath, javascript, CSS, and HTML would also go a long way. They will be tasked with improving and expanding our data acquisition, machine learning, and computer vision applications. Students should be prepared to: – Evaluate current systems, processes, and code – Create a proposal to improve and expand our data gathering methods & abilities – Develop processes and applications to gather product and pricing data from websites. of interest – Annotate and prepare data for machine learning training – Train machine learning models – Provide instruction on updating and maintaining the applications
27Vendorful has reimagined eSourcing and vendor management software, marrying a modern user experience with a robust set of APIs to transform the way organizations manage their sourcing efforts. Our ever-growing suite of tools includes RFP/RFI/RFQ automation, reverse auctions, contracts administration and lifecycle management, vendor management and scorecarding, and security/due diligence questionnaires. Vendorful is a standalone SaaS product delivered via public or private cloud. In addition, it can be integrated into existing procurement software stacks, allowing organizations to drive more return on their existing investment. Vendorful saves time and money while driving increased value for businesses of all types and sizes, from SMB to enterprise.PROJECT SCOPE High-level Specification The main problem we are trying to solve is to help sales and RFP response teams simplify the process of building bids. Our platform has an array of tooling to support real-time collaboration, file ingestion/exporting, and more. Some of this tooling will support the development efforts and some will support the user experience. By providing our users with a simple way to import Excel and Word (and potentially PDF) documents into our application, we will enable them to improve their experience in responding to RFPs by making it easy to collaborate and shortening cycle times. We would like you to create an ingestion and tagging system with the following parameters: Given an Excel or Word that is uploaded, display a web-based (using React.js) interface that allows a user to tag components of the RFP, e.g. section, subsection, question. One the tagging is complete, a user interface that displays the sections, subsections, questions, and other tagged RFP metadata should be displayed. The user should be able to enter answers to the questions in the user interface in a basic online text editor or generic HTML text area. Once all of the questions are answered, the user should be able to export the file back to its original format, e.g. Excel or Word. The file that is output should keep all of it’s initial formatting, etc. and only be modified such that the answers to the questions are in it. Materials and Deliverables To accomplish the above, you will be provided with sample RFPs and information on the RFP process. The finished product should be a well-documented and tested tool for moving the response process from Excel/Word documents to the browser and then generating/updating an Excel/Word document when done. Final deliverables include: (1) All source code. (2) A written report explaining the process and outcomes. Requirement: (1) the front-end must be built in React.js (2) the back-end can be built in Elixir. (Our developers will provide guidance and support if asked. Elixir is a functional programming language that came out of the Ruby on Rails community.) Optional: if the base requirements are completely early, there are some interesting opportunities to leverage machine learning to speed up/automate the tagging process described above. This can be incorporated into the backend of the project if time permits (can be worked on by bith students contributing to two separate project report – front and backend) NOTE: THIS IS AVAILABLE TO 2 STUDENTS. ONE WORKING ON THE FRONT END AND ANOTHER ON THE BACKEND OF THE PROJECT
28 Appligogiques, we invent edutainment applications for children from 5 to 12 years old. Our applications can be used in the classroom or at home. They meet the needs of all children, whether or not they have learning difficulties. And they are designed by teachers, speech therapists and remedial teachers!We are looking to implement a system based on artificial intelligence that allows classification of users of our educational applications according to the difficulties they face in their language learning (reading and writing). This system will be used to customize the interactive experience of the games according to the players, making their products much more relevant and attractive to a larger clientele. We have already analyzed the problem from an audiology/speech language pathology and an experimental protocol has been set up to collect the data. It has set up a team in the Department of Audiology and Speech-Language Pathology at the Université de Montréal: two students will begin their doctoral project on this subject in early 2021.2020. The project is supervised and mentored by two associate professors of the department. We’ve identified the ideal tech stack to realize the artificial neural network; now we are looking for help with the actual implementation of a first iteration of the system. Our usage of artificial intelligence in the context of this project encompasses two objectives: (1) To understand the different learning styles of our users (2) To use this knowledge to provide real-time, in-app personalized recommendations To achieve these goals, we need to populate our model with different examples of user interaction data to capture the full spectrum of learning models. The different types of data available to Application users are listed in the resources section, as well as our experimental protocol. This project will be a collaboration involving players from several fields of expertise, whether from academia or business. It will be an exciting and rewarding research and development effort! Deliverables and expectations The deliverable for this project is the distributed implementation of the tech stack, fully functional and ready for demonstration.
29Volantsys Analytics Analytics Inc is a Chicago-based, fast growing analytics transformation company. We help our clients overcome barriers and rapidly implement advanced analytics solutions by leveraging data and accelerators. Our services are designed to create agile analytics organizations by bridging the gaps between business and technology teams. We bring pre-built analytics models, frameworks, and tools to yield competitive advantages by unleashing the power of emerging technologies. We upskill client team members in data science capabilities which reduces the time to build solutions and maintain analytics assets.PROJECT SCOPE Our solutions are in the Data Science technologies and up-skilling workforce with data skills. As this is an aggressively growing market the competition and customer demands also vary widely. Our intention is to perform a comprehensive analysis of our data science collaboration platform with respect to customer demands and competitor analysis. This project may include, but is not limited to: Identifying customer segments to targetCompiling relevant market and competitor information. Developing a business expansion plan The final project deliverable is a report including research, analysis, and recommendations. It should assist our sales team in successfully prospecting within our target market with actionable recommendations that will increase sales conversions.
30Stirling Community Enterprise and Skills Social Enterprise supporting the community of Stirling to eradicate poverty.Our organisation is committed to empowering residents of the Stirling Council area to progress in life, overcoming barriers to employment through person centered skills development and support . As part of our strategic planning process for delivering over the coming 5 years, we would like assistance with understanding the social impact of our services on our learners and capturing the achievements of the past 3 years delivery. We would like students to collate and analyse archived data, to inform business planning process and highlight opportunities for better data collection in the years to come. NOTE: WAITING FOR CONFIRMATION AND WILL BE UPDATED ONCE CONFIRMED
31American Water Works Association (Illinois Section) Safe and sustainable water for Illinois. MISSION Illinois Section AWWA provides resources for the management and advocacy of safe and sustainable water.This is waiting for confirmation and will be updated as soon as posible

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