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this is a data Analytics case study. 

Please read instructions and case background in the document and answer the questions for the case. 

Please use the case template in the document attached to write out the full case study.

Final submission should include include the excel spreadsheet with supporting data and a full written case in template format with frequency distributions and histograms for numerical variables, cross-tabulations, and other appropriate applications of PivotTables to break down and visualize the data.

Complete the following assignments using excel and the following template:

· Assignment – Statement

· Identify Business Problem –

“Define Problem statement [aka Case Analysis Assignment]”

· Analytics Tools and Models used and results

· Interpretation, Discussion, and Analysis of Findings and Results –

Interpretation, Discussion, and Analysis of outcomes and results of Analytics Tools and Models used

· Tip: Support your Interpretation, Discussion, and Analysis of Results with the numbers you developed in your:

· Analytics Tools and Models used results

· Business Analytics Case Analysis EXCEL model(s) and outcomes and results

· Recommendations


· Propose and test some meaningful hypotheses [based on the data] that will help Ms. Drout understand and explain the results.

· Include two-sample tests, ANOVA, and/or Chi-Square tests for independence as appropriate.

· Draw final conclusions about the perceptions of the role of advertising in the reinforcement of gender stereotypes and the impact of empowerment advertising.


QuestionVariableSurvey Question
1GenderWhat is your gender?
2AgeWhat is your age?
3EducationWhat is the highest level of education you have completed?
Some High School Classes
High School Diploma
Some Undergraduate Courses
Associate Degree
Bachelor Degree
Master Degree
Doctorate Degree
4IncomeWhat is your annual income?
$0 to < $10,000
$10,000 to < $20,000
$20,000 to < $30,000
$30,000 to < $40,000
$40,000 to < $50,000
$50,000 to < $60,000
$60,000 to < $70,000
$70,000 to < $80,000
$80,000 to < $90,000
$90,000 to < $110,000
$110,000 to < $130,000
$130,000 to < $150,000
$150,000 or More
5SpendingOn average, how much do you pay for beauty and hygiene products or services per year? Include references to the following products: soap, deodorant, shampoo, conditioner, lotion, perfume, cologne, make-up, chemical hair color, razors, skin care, feminine care, and salon services.
6Ad FrequencyOn average, how many beauty and hygiene advertisements, if at all, do you think you view or hear per day? Include references to the following advertisements: television, billboard, internet, radio, newspaper, magazine, and direct mail.
7StereotypeOn average, how many of those advertisements, if at all, specifically subscribe to gender roles and stereotypes?
8ReinforcingOn the following scale, what role, if any, do these advertisements have in reinforcing specific gender stereotypes?
9TransformTo what extent do you agree that empowerment advertising, which explicitly communicates the unique differences in each individual, would help transform cultural gender stereotypes?
Strongly Agree
Somewhat Agree
Somewhat Disagree
Strongly Disagree
10Empowerment%On average, what percentage of advertisements that you view or hear per day currently utilize empowerment advertising?


RespondentGenderAgeEducationIncomeSpendingAd FrequencyStereotypeReinforcingTransformEmpowerment%
1Female23Some undergraduate courses$10,000 to < $20,000$500.00109DrasticStrongly Agree10%
2Male22High school diploma$20,000 to < $30,000$75.001514InfluentialSomewhat Agree2%
3Female24Bachelor Degree$60,000 to < $70,000$1,500.001010InfluentialNeutral8%
4Female23Bachelor Degree$30,000 to < $40,000$500.001010InfluentialAgree0%
5Female23Bachelor Degree$30,000 to < $40,000$4,000.007575InfluentialAgree10%
6Female24Bachelor Degree$10,000 to < $20,000$300.0055DrasticAgree10%
7Female30Doctorate Degree$60,000 to < $70,000$700.0066InfluentialSomewhat Agree10%
8Female28Bachelor Degree$50,000 to < $60,000$500.00106InfluentialSomewhat Agree5%
9Female20Some undergraduate courses$0 to < $10,000$1,000.001513DrasticStrongly Agree10%
10Male24Some undergraduate courses$20,000 to < $30,000$337.004038DrasticStrongly Agree1%
11Female24Associate Degree$20,000 to < $30,000$600.003735InfluentialStrongly Agree3%
12Female24Bachelor Degree$30,000 to < $40,000$240.001515LimitedAgree0%
13Female27Bachelor Degree$70,000 to < $80,000$3,000.0022InfluentialSomewhat Agree0%
14Female24Master Degree$0 to < $10,000$250.002018InfluentialNeutral10%
15Female21Bachelor Degree$0 to < $10,000$500.002020InfluentialAgree10%
16Female23Master Degree$70,000 to < $80,000$2,500.00600590DrasticStrongly Agree2%
17Female23Master Degree$50,000 to < $60,000$2,000.005048DrasticStrongly Agree1%
18Female20Some undergraduate courses$0 to < $10,000$400.00400375InfluentialStrongly Agree5%
19Female46J.D.$10,000 to < $20,000$100.0055InfluentialSomewhat Disagree0%
20Female23Bachelor Degree$40,000 to < $50,000$1,000.002015InfluentialAgree10%
21Female23Some undergraduate courses$10,000 to < $20,000$750.00100100DrasticStrongly Agree15%
22Male23Associate Degree$10,000 to < $20,000$400.0032InfluentialAgree10%
23Female21Some undergraduate courses$0 to < $10,000$800.001010InfluentialStrongly Agree5%
24Male23Associate Degree$20,000 to < $30,000$500.005010TrivialSomewhat Agree10%
25Male19Some undergraduate courses$0 to < $10,000$600.001514InfluentialAgree5%
26Female59Associate Degree$150,000 or more$2,500.002020DrasticStrongly Agree0%
27Female65Doctorate Degree$70,000 to < $80,000$350.002020InfluentialSomewhat Agree0%
28Male32Bachelor Degree$90,000 to < $110,000$400.0055LimitedSomewhat Agree0%
29Female50Doctorate Degree$40,000 to < $50,000$350.001010DrasticStrongly Agree1%
30Male23Bachelor Degree$20,000 to < $30,000$200.00150135InfluentialSomewhat Agree0%
31Female31Some undergraduate courses$20,000 to < $30,000$200.002525DrasticNeutral0%
32Male25Bachelor Degree$0 to < $10,000$100.0055InfluentialSomewhat Agree0%
33Male23Some undergraduate courses$20,000 to < $30,000$100.00300300DrasticAgree1%
34Female55J.D.$110,000 to < $130,000$1,000.005040InfluentialAgree10%
35Female68Doctorate Degree$110,000 to < $130,000$1,500.00150150InfluentialAgree0%
36Female21Some undergraduate courses$0 to < $10,000$50.00100100DrasticAgree0%
37Male22Bachelor Degree$20,000 to < $30,000$100.0031LimitedStrongly Agree2%
38Male27Master Degree$0 to < $10,000$250.0054InfluentialSomewhat Agree20%
39Female33Doctorate Degree$60,000 to < $70,000$250.0066DrasticSomewhat Agree0%
40Female32Master Degree$70,000 to < $80,000$310.001212InfluentialAgree0%
41Female22Some undergraduate courses$0 to < $10,000$40.0022DrasticStrongly Agree0%
42Female44Bachelor Degree$60,000 to < $70,000$1,000.0033DrasticAgree10%
43Female49Bachelor Degree$50,000 to < $60,000$600.00108InfluentialSomewhat Agree0%
44Female22High school diploma$10,000 to < $20,000$5,000.0055DrasticStrongly Agree0%
45Female26Master Degree$30,000 to < $40,000$2,500.001010LimitedAgree5%
46Female49Bachelor Degree$50,000 to < $60,000$500.00108InfluentialAgree0%
47Female58Doctorate Degree$90,000 to < $110,000$500.002020InfluentialSomewhat Agree5%
48Female61Bachelor Degree$30,000 to < $40,000$300.005050DrasticSomewhat Agree10%
49Female21Bachelor Degree$0 to < $10,000$1,200.001010InfluentialAgree0%
50Female24Bachelor Degree$10,000 to < $20,000$400.002020DrasticSomewhat Agree0%
51Female27Bachelor Degree$40,000 to < $50,000$500.002017InfluentialSomewhat Agree15%
52Female21Some undergraduate courses$0 to < $10,000$400.002525InfluentialStrongly Agree0%
53Female25Associate Degree$0 to < $10,000$50.002020DrasticStrongly Agree0%
54Female23Bachelor Degree$20,000 to < $30,000$500.0042InfluentialAgree20%
55Female23Bachelor Degree$50,000 to < $60,000$1,500.002525DrasticSomewhat Agree10%
56Female23Bachelor Degree$20,000 to < $30,000$150.00108InfluentialStrongly Agree10%
57Female23Bachelor Degree$10,000 to < $20,000$400.001010InfluentialSomewhat Agree2%
58Male23Bachelor Degree$0 to < $10,000$75.00108LimitedAgree20%
59Female46Some undergraduate courses$0 to < $10,000$600.00150150InfluentialStrongly Agree1%
60Female39Doctorate Degree$60,000 to < $70,000$100.001510InfluentialSomewhat Agree1%
61Male27Bachelor Degree$20,000 to < $30,000$390.005045DrasticStrongly Agree1%
62Female24Bachelor Degree$30,000 to < $40,000$350.002020InfluentialAgree10%
63Male23Bachelor Degree$0 to < $10,000$200.0055InfluentialSomewhat Agree5%
64Male22Bachelor Degree$0 to < $10,000$25.0052TrivialDisagree0%
65Female24Bachelor Degree$0 to < $10,000$300.005050InfluentialSomewhat Agree0%
66Female20Some undergraduate courses$0 to < $10,000$800.001010DrasticStrongly Agree10%
67Female23Bachelor Degree$10,000 to < $20,000$300.001515DrasticStrongly Agree10%
68Male25Bachelor Degree$20,000 to < $30,000$100.0043InfluentialSomewhat Agree25%
69Male19Some undergraduate courses$10,000 to < $20,000$250.0021InfluentialAgree10%
70Female25Master Degree$10,000 to < $20,000$180.0055DrasticAgree0%
71Female23Bachelor Degree$10,000 to < $20,000$500.002020DrasticSomewhat Agree5%
72Female23Some undergraduate courses$10,000 to < $20,000$400.002525InfluentialStrongly Agree1%
73Female20Some undergraduate courses$0 to < $10,000$250.003030DrasticAgree2%
74Female64Doctorate Degree$90,000 to < $110,000$500.005555InfluentialNeutral0%
75Female49Master Degree$30,000 to < $40,000$20.0000InfluentialStrongly Agree0%
76Female26Bachelor Degree$0 to < $10,000$240.0053InfluentialAgree10%
77Female29Some undergraduate courses$10,000 to < $20,000$600.002019DrasticStrongly Agree5%
78Female23Master Degree$30,000 to < $40,000$500.003534InfluentialStrongly Agree10%
79Female23Bachelor Degree$30,000 to < $40,000$500.0099DrasticStrongly Agree7%
80Female22Some undergraduate courses$30,000 to < $40,000$1,500.0022DrasticStrongly Agree0%
81Female26Master Degree$20,000 to < $30,000$200.004542DrasticSomewhat Agree10%
82Female24Bachelor Degree$10,000 to < $20,000$1,000.005050InfluentialStrongly Agree10%
83Female29Master Degree$30,000 to < $40,000$1,500.001010InfluentialNeutral10%
84Male27High school diploma$20,000 to < $30,000$50.0077InfluentialSomewhat Agree8%
85Female22Bachelor Degree$10,000 to < $20,000$300.00107InfluentialSomewhat Agree10%
86Female54Doctorate Degree$90,000 to < $110,000$2,000.00109InfluentialAgree1%
87Female26Master Degree$10,000 to < $20,000$550.002020InfluentialSomewhat Agree0%
88Female40Some undergraduate courses$90,000 to < $110,000$1,000.002020InfluentialAgree0%
89Female19Some undergraduate courses$0 to < $10,000$80.003535InfluentialAgree5%
90Female24Bachelor Degree$50,000 to < $60,000$1,500.0066InfluentialAgree0%
91Female22Bachelor Degree$10,000 to < $20,000$200.00108InfluentialSomewhat Agree20%
92Female24Bachelor Degree$20,000 to < $30,000$250.005050DrasticSomewhat Agree0%
93Female20Some undergraduate courses$0 to < $10,000$200.006565DrasticStrongly Agree5%
94Female24Associate Degree$30,000 to < $40,000$100.0011001050InfluentialStrongly Agree5%
95Female27Bachelor Degree$30,000 to < $40,000$1,500.0033InfluentialSomewhat Agree0%
96Female30Some undergraduate courses$50,000 to < $60,000$600.0055DrasticStrongly Agree10%
97Female25Master Degree$10,000 to < $20,000$50.0011InfluentialSomewhat Agree10%
98Female54Master Degree$50,000 to < $60,000$100.001010InfluentialAgree0%
99Male37Bachelor Degree$110,000 to < $130,000$400.006565TrivialNeutral30%
100Female23Master Degree$80,000 to < $90,000$200.0032InfluentialSomewhat Agree15%
101Female21Some undergraduate courses$0 to < $10,000$200.0022InfluentialSomewhat Agree1%
102Female42Doctorate Degree$50,000 to < $60,000$600.0033InfluentialSomewhat Agree0%
103Female23Bachelor Degree$10,000 to < $20,000$380.003535DrasticStrongly Agree5%
104Female32Master Degree$10,000 to < $20,000$100.0022DrasticSomewhat Agree0%
105Female24Bachelor Degree$30,000 to < $40,000$250.0066InfluentialAgree

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