explore the importance of leading by example and the need for consistency between a leader’s words and actions.

Leaders as Motivators
Kouzes and Posner tell us that people tend to quit when their tasks seem difficult and arduous. Leaders encourage the heart  of their constituents to carry on. Encouragement can come from dramatic  gestures or simple actions. They go on to say that genuine  encouragement shown in different ways, be it by linking rewards with  performance or through celebrations and rituals, tremendously motivates  people to wade through tough times.

If leadership is defined as getting things done through other people,  the ability to create a positive, challenging, and motivating  environment is critical. The focus for leaders is to create conditions  for people to motivate themselves. This includes the use of motivational  tools in practice such as bonus pay, prizes, special recognition,  awards, as well as promotions to positions of new responsibility and  authority. While effective managers recognize and reward superior  performance, leaders also recognize and celebrate acts that uphold the  mission and values of the organization while rewarding performance that  aligns with the strategy.

A leader will succeed only if he/she has the right people with the  right experience and competencies. Thus recruitment, selection, and  training are critical to building a culture that upholds the  organizational values as well as equipping staff to perform the task and  pursue the behaviors essential to implementing the strategy.

In this module, you will explore the importance of leading by example  and the need for consistency between a leader’s words and actions. You  will also review the importance of integrity and ethics as key  leadership currencies using Kouzes and Posner’s leadership principle of  “modeling the way.”


Module Readings and Assignment:

Complete the following readings early in the module:

  • Read the overview for Module 
  • From the textbook, The leadership challenge (5th ed.), read the following chapter:
    • Celebrate the Values and Victories
    • When Leaders are at Their Best
      • The five practices of exemplary leadership (REVIEW)
      • Credibility is the foundation of leadership (REVIEW)
  • From the Internet, read the following:
    • Lawson Consulting Group. (2012). How to motivate today’s worker. Retrieved from http://www.lawsoncg.com/lcgi-article_motivate.htm


This assignment will help you prepare for the next module’s assignment  about Workforce 2020. Workforce 2020 refers to the type of workforce  leaders are likely to encounter in 2020. The concept refers to the  workforce that will emerge from trends such as increased globalization  and diversity, more extensive use of technology, and the use of  non-traditional staff such as more contractors and other “just-in-time”  assets.

For this assignment, you will need to consider trends in leadership and  organizational structure, for example, the move toward a more  participative leadership style and a more networked organizational  structure.

Identify an organization of your choice. This could be your current  employer. It could even be a hypothetical organization or that of one of  your peers. Be sure you have access to information about the  organization and about the industry the organization is in. We would  suggest choosing an organization and industry that are changing so that  you can explore strategies for change management.

Research on that organization, and then respond to the following:

  • Describe the organization you have chosen. Please include the name  and a short description of the organization’s products or services.
  • How does the organization motivate its employees? Describe any  programs or methods they use to motivate workers. If the organization  does not have any employee motivational strategies, suggest some  strategies that you think will be effective.
  • Describe the current state of the organization’s workforce dynamic.  Is its workforce growing? Is it changing? How is it changing and why?
  • What are some of the workforce trends that this organization needs  to address? What similar organizations can be used as a benchmark?
  • What are some of the industry trends that are affecting the organization overall? Is the industry growing, or declining?

Write your initial response in 3–5 pages in Word format. Turned-in on time Plagiarism Free,  All Assignment Details and  Qualifications Followed, Running-Heads   Included, Pages Numbered, Cover  Page Included, reference Page Included   Paragraphs Indented, Questions Included Followed By the Answers, Follow    Grading Criteria,   main heading should be centered; all new   paragraphs  should be indented;   paper should have been right ragged,   not right  justified; references,   should always go on a standalone   page.  abstracts are not usually  indented; should be right ragged, and   not  right justified.  acronyms  should be spelled out when using them   for  the first time, for example  HR.   references as listed are APA    standard.   When you  submit your  papers through turnitin.com, you    overall  similarity  index  score  should not be exceedingly high,  with   ten to  fifteen percent  being  the  maximum,   acronyms should  be   spelled out  when using them for the   first time, for example HR,  abstracts are not  usually indented;  should  be right ragged, and  not   right justified,   Please work on your  APA  formatting of  citations. I   have provided the  APA resource cite for  you. https://owl.english.purdue.edu/owl/resource/560/01, Please work on using literature within the span of the last 5   years,      keep in mind there should not be any one, two, or three   sentence   paragraphs,  Apply APA standards to citation of sources.


By Tuesday May 15, 2018, deliver your assignment to the Submissions Area.

Assignment Grading Criteria  & Maximum Points:

Provided in-depth analysis on chosen organization using the Workforce 2020 framework.  40pts. 

Provided analysis on employee motivation and organizational trends using the Workforce 2020 framework.  24pts.

Identified industry trends and strategies for managing the trends.  24pts.

Wrote  in a clear, concise, and organized manner; demonstrated ethical  scholarship in accurate representation and attribution of sources;  displayed accurate spelling, grammar, and punctuation.  12pts. 

Total:  100

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