Factors that limit how Fast a Project can be completed

The first factor that has been identified as one of the reasons for delay completion of the projects is design errors. A design with many errors practically implies insufficient or wrong representation of projects deliverables (Kloppenborg et al., 2019). This will result in applying wrong techniques in the attempt to achieve the objectives. When the problem is realized, efforts to correct the errors usually results to delays leading the project not to be completed fast.

The second factor that may cause the project not to be completed fast is the scope change. The term scope refers to the deliverables that are expected at the completion of a project (Kloppenborg et al., 2019). Logically, it can be said that all projects estimations, quality, plan, base lines, and schedule are based on the initial project scope. Therefore, any change in the project scope during implementation can lead to delays. The delays occur since any change might require the entire project plan to be reviewed hence requiring more time and resources.

Faulty contractual management system and Inappropriate and inadequate procurement is the another factor that can cause delays in the completion of a project. Contract describes every aspect of business correlation, including service levels, payment terms, and pricing (Kloppenborg et al., 2019). In that case, a contract that has not stated the entire project scenario may cause conflicts in the contract system. These conflicts results in long chain of negotiations that automatically limits the project not to be completed fast.

The fourth factor that can delay in project completion is the complexity of the project. Complexity can be explained in terms if project’s size in that, most mega require long implementation time compare to small project. A project that has long implementation period is usually affected by other external factors such as inflation, changes in exchange rates and change in material price (Kloppenborg et al., 2019). This factors affects the initial budget and this might cause delay especially when the project do not have funds at hand. Additionally, complex projects are associated with cases of unintentional omission of some important aspects of project plans.

Post execution phase sometimes may sometimes contain several factors that may cause delays in the project completion. Most organizations, especially those involved in multi-project environments tend to ignore this activity since it the last part of the project life-cycle. Failure to perform post execution phase can cause disputes connected to client acceptance, change order issues not resolved, contracts and procurement, poor close out of final accounts, and among other issues (Kloppenborg et al., 2019). For instance, delaying to pay contractors and suppliers after completion of the project may lead these parties to decide not to sign the certificate of project’s final completion.

Potential problems in creating accurate duration estimates

One of the main reasons that may cause inaccuracy in estimating by not having enough knowledge on the unknown or hidden variables that might come-up unexpectedly. These variables might sometimes be hard to resolve hence affecting the duration estimates for activities. One method that can be used to resolve this issue is by identifying assumptions and possible constraints that can accompany the estimations after which another thing not included in the scope is not included in the calculations (Kloppenborg et al., 2019).  Another method that can be applied is referred to as bottom-up estimating. This involves inquiring from experienced people who have done the similar projects.

The second factor that can reduce accuracy in estimating is the complexity of the project. When a project is having many activities that are set to achieve one objective might pose a challenge while estimating duration. This issue can be addressed by doing task analysis on all activities. Task analysis are very important since they ensure there is no unnecessary repetition of procedure and the whole process is improved (Kloppenborg et al., 2019). Another technique that can be applied is parametric estimating. This might involve using public information that is relevant to the project. This technique is mostly applicable when the company is implementing this type of project for the first time.

Another reason that can cause inaccuracy in estimating duration of a project is when the managers are idealistic of their own capabilities. In this regard, they might inaccurately estimate duration wrongly without realizing due to over-confidence. One way that these planners can increase the accuracy in estimating duration is by involving all the players in the planning phase (Kloppenborg et al., 2019). Secondly, the planner can use the records from the past projects.

Lack of enough and relevant data on particular activity can cause inaccuracy in estimating the duration of the project. This mostly occurs of the projected is implemented for the first time by the organization (Kloppenborg et al., 2019). This issue can solved by using analysis or the case studies of other organizations that have done the similar project. The second method that can be applied through making assumptions for identified possible constraints.

Identifying Individuals to Work on a Project 

A project manager should consider a number of factors when identifying employees to add to the team. Examples of important factors or skills include excellent communicator, highly organizing, accurate estimating skills, and self-assured (Kloppenborg et al., 2019). Starting with excellent communication skills, in most cases projects involves many people from different backgrounds. In this regard, the selected individual should have the ability communicate effectively with different people to minimize conflicts. Secondly, accurate estimating skills are very important in implementing projects. The project manager depends on the members to provide estimates for their individual tasks. The estimation should be accurate since one delayed task is likely to affect the whole project timeline.

An individual who is well informed of the project management principles is very significant in projects. While all selected individuals do not have to be experienced on every tool, term, and tactic, it is important for that person to have a basic understanding of project management fundamental (Kloppenborg et al., 2019). This knowledge offers solid foundation to these individuals to utilize in their work. Self-assured skill is also another vital factor to consider. The project team member should have the ability to politely-but-firmly stand when issues arise in the organization. This skills assists them to clearly convey their needs and stand for the project’s interests in such situations.


Kloppenborg, T. J., Anantatmula, V. S., & Wells, K. N. (2019). Contemporary project management. Cengage. https://www.cengagebrain.co.uk/shop/isbn/9781337406451

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