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            Perhaps there is no other concept to art that is as important as creativity. Even though many people confuse artistic ability and creativity, creatives can apply imagination to augment artistic ability to develop unique art that is better than a normal artist’s. The use of creativity often inspires in pleasing ways by applying thoughts outside the societal norms to express oneself in unique ways through poetry, sculpture, writing, painting, sculpture, and other forms of art. Art is more than just the normal way people do it, and therefore creating and making by speaking through unique art is important to every artist who wants to make an impact through art. Nevertheless, even if not considered a necessity for art, creativity is a symbol of art generally. This essay discusses the creative works of artists such as Richard David James and Street/graffiti artists. Creativity during the renaissance and the latest research on creativity are also discussed.

1: Richard David James

Richard David James is a British musician who is best known for distinctive work in electronic music. James uses the stage name “Aphex Twin” and is a musician who has been active since 1985. The musician majors mainly on electronic styles such as ambient music, techno, ambient, and intelligent dance. James has been dubbed as one of the most inventive and hugely influential persons in modern electronic music. The man is known for thinking more like an engine and designing instruments for use in electronic music.

James’s relative creative approach remains unchanged even after the changing equipment regularly from analog to digital and back over the years by exploring electronic music in new ways. The musician who cannot read music believes that electronic music is all about frequencies and the impact on an individual. The best music is made where one does not understand the types of notes involved but rather determines them independently (Matos, 2015). Aphex Twin views music as a language with no rules, altering the brain’s psychology once rules are changed. The song ‘PAPAT4 [155] (pineal mix)’ shows James’ wish to make unique effects using shifting rhythms, pineal mix, and micro-tunings. The electronic musician has always desired to bring out chords unheard of to aid the change of music lovers’ brains in a tiny way. Having a blend of contrasting frequencies and listeners has their brains reconfigured, leading to a constant change.

            The musician also attributed the creativity to boredom since this presented an opportunity to purchase records and enough time to listen to different kinds of music. The musician had previously worked in a record shop for several years, which inspired creativity. James’s creative success can also be attributed to involving family in music. Speaking during an interview with crack magazine, the musician revealed that he incorporates everyone’s sounds. For instance, the musician’s parents’ sounds are sometimes sampled and incorporated into the music whenever they are around the studio (Nosnitsky, n.d). The artist also attributes the creativity to listening to the music he frequently makes because the more it gets worse listening. James also recognizes the importance of operating in openness, believing in teleportation, and spending too much money making music. 

2: Street art

            Street art has exploded, spreading through back alleys, bus stops, building murals, billboards serving as the urban picture in most cities. Even though this is considered unofficial, independent art depicted in public places is extremely creative. While faced with a lot of criticism and skepticism, this type of art is considered an independent art in which artists can express their talent uniquely. Street artists present a unique way of exploring and experiencing public spaces by redefining the public domain as a place that is in itself worthy of enjoying (Bacharach, 2015). On the other hand, graffiti, a type of art closely related to street art, has tagged along with ever-present negative comments from people except for art philosophers who have chosen to stay silent.

However, in recent years, a new group has emerged in the streets, creating clever and inspiring art that does not draw pervasive and ubiquitous negative comments but rather creates genuine institutionally accepted art. While traditional graffiti and public artists use mainly paint to relay their work, street artists include other forms of art such as mosaic tiling, sculptures, LED artwork, sticker art, and rock balancing, among others. With recent advancements in technology, street artists have also encompassed media forms such as projections into buildings. The availability of technology at cheap prices enables street artists to be creative while competing with corporate advertisements in public spaces.

            The creativity associated with street art and the presence of art in urban centers is an integral part of major cities’ image. For instance, street artists’ creativity is evident in the 3D murals painted on house walls to create an illusion of another space’s existence (Gralińska-Toborek & Kazimierska-Jerzyk, 2016). Street artists thrive in adapting to the disparities and elements that exist in these spaces to exercise decorum. Different areas and buildings present a unique challenge to any street artist. Therefore, to develop impactful art in public areas, street artists must be extremely creative in their craft.

            Street art is also considered to be environmental art. Artists apply changes creatively to public places by devising unique strategies to create art that impacts the audience. These artists, therefore, make not only a visual but also a mental impact by creatively suing public space in a way that is different from the norm (Gralińska-Toborek & Kazimierska-Jerzyk, 2016). Apart from the unique visual scope of street art, it also encourages a deeper contemplation on the space in which it is presented, thereby making people see this type of art as an apparent form of very individual human activity.

3: Renaissance

            Renaissance, an intent season between the 14th and the 17th century in Europe, was characterized by an artistic rebirth that followed the middle ages, creatively promoting art’s rediscovery. This period is probably best known for artistic development and the creativity of citizens who engaged in an impactful life in their communities. The word renaissance by itself means a rebirth, implying that this period was full of innovation, and with innovation, there has to be creativity. This period followed periods that were closely related to strife and stagnation (Ibrahim, 2018).

            While many aspects of the renaissance from this have influenced the modern scope of art, the renaissance was a season of a renewed passion for learning and curiosity, making artists and other learners develop unique and interesting forms of new art. The creative process from this period can partly be attributed to the willingness to learn and explore new things (Ibrahim, 2018). The commencement of discoveries led artists and learners to pursue more than they were used to by exploring the world and all the possible nature elements. In continuous innovation, people during the renaissance period kept experimentation to a greater level, thereby coming up with art and other unique and highly creative things.

            The discovery of a linear perspective and the revival of mathematics led to the development of revolutionary aspects in renaissance art. This discovery helped artists architects such as Filippo Brunelleschi develop realistic depictions of space and art (Ibrahim, 2018). This development also led to discovering a three-dimensional look from the norm of painting, which was generally considered two-dimensional. Additionally, a strong belief in humanism’s eminence led to a phase of spiritual thinking in which people explored new things. The renaissance period had a huge impact on art produced later due to the teachings and innovations that enabled people to discover more.

4: Latest Research on Creativity

            Studies on creativity have been conducted to understand better these aspects of psychology that continue to marvel many. It is fair enough to say that creativity is arguably the most exceptional human characteristic. Gabora (2013) conducted psychological research on creativity to explain this unique trait better. Creativity often involves escaping the present by reconstructing the past while also uniquely envisioning the future. The research also states that not all creative works can be considered useful, and not all are aesthetically satisfactory. Creativity mainly entails both the usefulness and the capture of the aesthetic worth (Gabola, 2013). Research also defines creativity in terms of originality and freshness and the appropriateness of the work that follows. Creativity is also different from discovery because it does not involve something already existent but rather. For something to qualify as creative, it must be deeply personal to make anyone who views it feels the work’s uniqueness and originality.

The research on creativity has implications in different areas in terms of policy, theory, and practice. Modern research has found ways in which creativity be applied in a clinical setup. Creative activities such as art-making, music, and dance have been extremely useful in therapeutic procedures in clinical and non-clinical applications (Gabola, 2013). From research, creativity has also been seen to be helpful in education and child-rearing. For instance, creative childhood activities instigate access to emotional thoughts, which embellishes cognitive flexibility and dissenting thinking abilities. Additionally, research has also revealed that creativity is a huge force in the business perspective. For example, psychological sessions such as brainstorming to develop ideas in an ideal environment have shown to be more productive when these sessions are followed up by personal work.


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