Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC) Promotional Mix Essay InstructionsThe

Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC) Promotional Mix Essay Instructions
The Role of Promotion – Promotion is defined as the coordination of all seller-initiated efforts to set up channels of information and persuasion to sell goods and services or promote an idea. It should be noted that promotion is best viewed as the communication function of marketing. The discussion of Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC) should point to how other marketing elements such as brand name, package design, price or the physical retail space implicitly/explicitly communicates with consumers. However, most of an organization’s communications with the marketplace takes place through a carefully planned and controlled promotional program which utilizes elements of the promotional mix. The promotional mix is defined as the basic tools or elements that help the firm to sell more product; these efforts create the top line of an income statement (revenue or sales). Because marketers create top line growth; they usually make more money than other positions within the firm, ceteris paribus.
The IMC Promotional Mix includes these venues/mediums:
Direct Marketing
Sales Promotion
Publicity/Public Relations 
Personal Selling
(NOTE: The distinction should be made between publicity and public relations noting that public relations generally has a broader objective than publicity, as its purpose is to establish and maintain a positive image of the company among its various publics. Publicity is an important communications technique used in public relations; however other tools may also be used.
Below is a simple methodology/rubric for critically thinking and writing.  Theory>Research>Analysis
Theory (Relevant Promotional/Marketing Theory Discussion)
• Theory: what is the underlying theory associated with each IMC Mix component. A great place to start is our textbook, but I suggest you conduct outside search of the literature associated with the IMC Mix (there are several online Marketing and Promotions textbooks at the Jerry Falwell Library (JFL) website. This step will ensure that you better understand the theory associated with IMC Mix component and its application for your product/service. It’s my opinion that most grad students need to improve their knowledge of theory. 
Research (Relevant Outside Research)
• You must corroborate your theory or successful examples of the IMC mix component you are discussing. NOTE: You must conduct outside research (not your textbook, not Wikipedia, no marketing blogs/dictionaries etc.), obviously scholarly research is preferred, but not necessary. Please, don’t use the resources you find by typing in the key words in the Google search bar. This is not research; you must learn to use our online databases at the JFL, especially Summons and Pro Quest Business databases. You want your research efforts to guide your writing. 
• Now you have set the stage for a relevant and academic discussion of the theory and research of each IMC Mix component as it relates to your product/service.
• The analysis/discussion section is where I can see if you’re applying your promotional/marketing theory you learned about and research towards for each IMC Mix component. Tell me how you would use that component to promote your product/service, given the theory and the research you conducted. NOTE: Remember, the MBA is a practitioner’s degree, a fully developed discussion/analysis section shows me you are becoming a practitioner of Promotional theory and its application!
Components of the IMC Promotional Mix Essay
In this essay you must first research and understand each of the IMC Mix components, after fully understanding each component; choose four of the most relevant components as they relate to your product/service. For each of your four components your essay must address each of these components for critically thinking and writing: theory>research>analysis/discussion
You must use APA level headings throughout your essay; beginning with IMC Mix Essay, which is a Level One heading. Here is a sample of the APA level headings for addressing one of four chosen components for this week’s essay:
Advertising Theory
Advertising Research
Advertising Analysis
Again, this essay must contain at a minimum of 5 pages of text that address four of the six IMC Mix components. 
NOTE: This assignment must conform to the rigors expected of a grad school student and the use of proper APA guidelines with the persistent link present in your references page(s) and your research must be properly annotated throughout the document. In addition, you must exhibit a competent level of research and writing that demonstrates your understanding of this assignment and the ability to analyze/discuss the topics of this assignment, not just a simple regurgitation and quotation of the terms/definitions/thoughts in the textbook and your research. The MBA is a practitioner’s degree. The degree signifies that you can think, analyze, and solve problems; and then communicate solutions to business executives effectively and efficiently. This assignment is designed to sharpen those skills, please dedicate the requisite time and efforts.
Click the link below to read how to make/use a persistent link in your essay. 
You will submit this assignment through SafeAssign, a program that checks for plagiarism. You will have three opportunities to turn in the essay in draft form. Once your draft comports with SafeAssign you will then have one opportunity to turn in your final draft. Be sure you turn in the paper you want graded in the final draft SafeAssign link. Any Safe Assign score below 39% is acceptable.

The post Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC) Promotional Mix Essay Instructions
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The post Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC) Promotional Mix Essay Instructions
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