Media Release on Corporation Restructure and Staff Layoffs


MacDonald’s Layoffs and Cooperate Restructure Plan- Increasing Efficiency and Profitability

Summary Lead

MacDonald’s wishes to announce its turnaround plan initial steps, including business restructuring, layoffs, and its financial updates. All these changes are aimed at giving more resources to franchises and eliminating bureaucracies and streamlining business processes as well as decision-making.


The company is embarking on a mission of restructuring and streamlining its management into distinct market segments, each headed by the company’s executive. The move is aimed at cutting down the corporation’s bureaucracies that ultimately blog the business’ smooth running. When the layers of bureaucracy are stripped off, the company would have actionable and nimble decision-making time frames (Mills 2019, 9). That would give the company a global turnaround as well as a modernization approach in running the systems differently. Laying off of some staff will enhance the appointment of segmented leadership teams. This new organizational structure will make the new leadership segments more equipped and effective in addressing the common needs of the specific customers and the market in general. The management talent in the new structure must be position in a manner that ensures that every employee’s talents are capitalized. At the moment, the company has already sent emails to its staff, franchises, and suppliers about the intended layoff of some of its employees. “I recognize that change is difficult and that eliminating layers within our organization means some employees will ultimately exit our system,” Mr. Kempczinski-the corporation president. More details about the company layoffs and the jobs to be affected by the corporate layoff will be communicated in due course. The layoffs would help our company to save close to about $ 500 (Mann & Sang 2017, 27-30). The saved operating costs and other resources would then be channeled to other activities of the corporation which will lead to increased revenues for the company.

Restructuring the corporation into the new model will divide it into a system of four markets with four groups- the US market, the international leads, a profound world market with the same competitive and economic trends, high growth markets- those that have a high potential for growth and the foundational markets- which consist of all the corporate activities and all other remaining markets. These would be headed by segment presidents, who would replace the previous structure’s five people in the management chain (Rachel et al. 2019, 124). Therefore, this further strips the bureaucracies that are experienced. Information and knowledge, therefore, flow as quickly as it is needed, and the new structure would ease that as well as improving communication between restaurant employees and the corporate. The company has also cut some items on its menu to enhance faster customer service. Going forward, the corporation is focusing on improving the quality of its foods.

When it comes to other additional changes, the corporation aims to create a single contact point that would help the franchises acquire the resources needed in their operations. “We are putting into place a new U.S. field structure that will better support our franchisees and will ensure McDonald’s continues on a path to being more dynamic, nimble, and competitive,” McDonald’s spokeswoman Terri Hickey. Franchised restaurants are expected to bring about 75% of the company’s global restaurant base. With a more franchised business, the corporation will get more predictable and more stable revenue with less resource support intensive structure (O’Neill 2020, 1318). Part and parcel of company restructuring are putting the focus on the optimization of restaurant ownership. The corporation has invested in quite a number of projects to make improvements in its business, such as table service as well as electronic ordering services, and more other digital ordering options. The corporation also aims to expand the use of its self-service kiosks soon which would enhance the growth of the restaurant chains and also the need for front house staffs (Hertz 2020, 247). The company is always committed to evaluating methods and processes of better serving its customers in ways that satisfy the customers and growing its business as well. The company’s

For more information, please contact:

MacDonald’s fast and food company

Senior Director of Global Executive & Internal Communications

Maryanne Edwards

Phone no: +109 69 910 43330

Email: –

More information concerning the staff layoffs and corporations restructure will be communicated through an analysis presentation next Tuesday, February 29th. The company will broadcast the presentation on its official website as well as the verified social media pages.


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