Midterm paper prompts and guidelines Choose one of the following prompts: 1. Exp

Midterm paper prompts and guidelines
Choose one of the following prompts:
1. Explain and discuss the relationship between epistemic violence and medical violence in the context of the forced sterilization of Latinx women in the US.
2. Using practical examples, explain the concepts of sexual assault and rape, and discuss the need for a conceptual rethinking of rape.
3. Discussing Mohanty’s work and specific issues women in the Global South face, explain the relationship between colonization and epistemic violence.
4. Using the examples of war rape in former Yugoslavia and the militarized violence of peacekeepers in Somalia, discuss relevant aspects of how these forms of violence are gendered.
Complete a 1,500-word paper on one of the prompts above (+/- 10%, not counting titles or your Works Cited). You will lose partial points for writing less than 1,350 words or more than 1,650 words.
Submit as a .doc, .docx, or .rtf document, or use the submission box, to iLearn under Assignments before 11:59pm on 2/14.
This assignment asks you to write a critical paper in response to your chosen prompt. Keep in mind that the paper should utilize your own voice and writing style but is not a personal essay or an opinion piece. You should interpret and analyze texts, evaluate the arguments of authors, and formulate a response to the topic chosen which is supported by evidence.
Remember to read the prompt carefully as you will lose points for a response which does not fully address the topic as set out. The paper should show evidence of having read and understood the course readings along with some engagement with the lecture content, but do not copy from the lecture slides directly.
You should cite at least 4 sources, referring to them in the text and including them in your Works Cited. You must cite at least one of the required readings from the class. The recommended readings may also be helpful here. Feel free to cite these as sources along with others you may find.
Please make sure at least 2 of your sources are academic sources (books or journal articles). You are welcome to also cite news/online articles, including but not limited to the ones we read in class, but be careful in selecting web articles based on quality.
The style of your citations is up to you (e.g. MLA, Chicago, Harvard), but they should be consistent, and you should use page numbers (or ‘n.p.’ for no page) if you use direct quotes within the text (see below).
In the Works Cited, you should normally include the author(s), date, title, publication the text can be found in (e.g. the name of a book the chapter is in, the name and issue of the journal an article is in, the name and issue of the newspaper an article is in), the total pages of the cited text (if applicable), and the publisher and location (if a book). Most styles require you to include a link for web sources, if you use a news article or journal article that can be found online.
Example of an in-text citation:
Davis (2001) discusses the relationship between domestic and institutional violence. She states that “women in general are subjected to far greater magnitude of punishment than men” (p. 7).
Examples of sources in Works Cited:
• Christiansen, Lars and Nancy Fischer (2016). “Working in the (Social) Construction Zone.” Introducing the New Sexuality Studies. 3rd Edition. 3–11. Routledge: New York.
• Crenshaw, Kimberlé (1989). “Demarginalizing the Intersection of Race and Sex: A Black Feminist Critique of Antidiscrimination Doctrine, Feminist Theory and Antiracist Politics.” University of Chicago Legal Forum 1:8. http://chicagounbound.uchicago.edu/uclf/vol1989/iss1/8
Grading breakdown:
Note: The categories below outline the expectations of the assignment within the specified grade ranges. Your adherence to the guidelines set out for the assignment will also be factored into your grade. You may lose points for issues with citations, length, and scope.
29–30 points (A+): An excellent response which is clear and insightful, showing a deep understanding of the prompt and evidence introduced, with very few if any noticeable issues.
27–28.5 points (A- to A): A very good response which demonstrates an understanding of the key concepts invoked in the prompt. This response likely needed to go just a little further to demonstrate its points, or contains a minor factual error or two, or lapse in clarity.
24–26.5 points (B- to B+): An above-average response which shows an understanding of the topic and the concepts written about and has significant potential. This response may lack the nuance required of an A-level response and likely contains a few minor factual errors or unclear statements.
21–23.5 points (C- to C+): A satisfactory response which reflects a general understanding but does not quite show a true grasp of the concepts at hand. This response may contain two or more explanatory errors, and/or has some strong analytical moments accompanied by unclear tangents.
18–20.5 points (D- to D+): A response which partly or mostly addresses the topic, but lacks clarity and/or relies on illogical arguments or opinion. It is either entirely vague or contains several explanatory errors which affect readability.
15–17.5 points (F): A failing response. This response is extremely minimal, does not address the topic at hand whatsoever, or attempts to address it but completely misses the mark.
0: Not submitted or plagiarized.

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Choose one of the following prompts:
1. Exp appeared first on homework handlers.


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The post Midterm paper prompts and guidelines
Choose one of the following prompts:
1. Exp first appeared on Homework Handlers.

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