Module 3Homework

  1. Regarding the five websites listed below:

       Answer each of the following questions:

  1. What type of marketer are they:  eCommerce, Content Publication/Media, or branding.  Or are they a mix of two of these types? They are mainly known for being mass marketers. Regardless, they are a mix of content publication/media and e-commerce. They are known to entice their customers through advertisements. They also allow their customers to buy food online, thus expanding their market. It is an e-commerce marketer retailing in America. It generally operates through the supply of home appliances, general merchandise, automotive parts, clothing, and They are a combination of e-commerce marketers and content publication/ media. They focus mainly on their brand, and what they depict as a brand. Their products are sold on their website. Additionally, they advertise their brands on media platforms or by commuting from one location to another. They are e-commerce marketers. This is because it is a commercial banking business operating and with assets globally. they are e-commerce marketers. They offer services such as ordering goods and services online, pickups, deliveries, and even in-store shopping.
  2. What do you see as the goal for each site?  Who is their market/customer?

– For Mcdonald’s, consumers often log onto the website to look up their nutritional information before they go into the store. Their customers are mainly individuals with young children who enjoy junk foods. Teenagers and business customers are also their regular customers. Therefore, it keeps building its brand within the fast-food industry.

– For Sears, their goal is to thrive on the bargains by offering good deals. Their target market is mainly the homeowners, middle-class women, and shoppers who bargain. They also attract females between the ages of 30 and 60.

– For Gatorade, more products may be wanted by the consumer. Their goal is to make sure their customers are satisfied. They may also be curious about the products and have the urge to find out more about the suppliers. Their main customers are athletic male persons as this is a sports drink.

– For Chase, the bank’s customers are mainly investors, account owners, individuals looking for retirement planning, loans, commercial, checking, and business banking. Customer service is also offered through ATM and debit cards.

– For Ragu, its main goal is to provide online retail stores for the consumers. Its consumers are mainly pasta lovers who enjoy tasty sauces during its preparation.

  • Is there any recommendation you might make for them regarding their site?

            I believe that the named websites are very strong brands in the marketing industry. They know the wants of their customers and can reach out to their audience at the same level. I would recommend that they fully understand their target market before their goals can be attained. They should also improve the navigation of information on their websites.

  • Consider  They have a product (Product X) that gets 8,454 impressions a day on average.  For this product, they also get 23% of the visitors clicking on the larger image link on any given day.  Most products only have 2% or less clicking on the larger image link.  What might this suggest for Product X?

            This might suggest that Product X has good deals when selling their products. Through this, they can attract their consumers by easily grabbing their attention. 

  • After reading my blog post on shopping cart abandonment that was given to you, tell me how you think retailers can better combat this issue.  Give me two ideas.

            By offering multiple payment options, the customers are subjected to seamless shopping experiences (Miller, n.d.). The provision of single payment options creates obstacles within e-commerce, sales, and prospects. Through the existence of multiple options, the customers will not be forced to abandon their carts and opt for other websites.

            By working on the number of times that a page loads, checkout options can be optimized as fast as possible. Trackers on the ad network can be limited, poor implementation of tags eradicated. Page load times can then be increased. Even though other elements are caused by the delay from the customer, a visual display should be included to assure the customer of the ongoing process. 

  • Go to homepage.  Do they have a trust seal/flag on the home and social plugins page?  What is it and why is it important for them – hint do you think their customer might be a bit older?

            The company has a trust seal at the bottom of the homepage. It is used as a trust standard badge. The Accredited Business seal is used to show the customers that they are a trusted business. Through this display, they are more likely to attract consumers. The accredited business seal is also linked to the display of branded products. The Better Business Bureau (BBB) Accreditation also allows the consumers to resolve their disputes and inquire from the website.  Their customers might also be older

  • What is card sorting used for and why is it important?

           Card sorting is a user experience method of research. It is used in the designing and evaluation of a site’s information architecture (Ratcliff, 2020). Topics are organized into categories by the participants to make sense out of them. Card sorting is also very important in UX design. It enables the designers to understand what the consumers think of their content. It also enables them to label the groups as required. By suiting the mental models of the users, navigations on the site can be built and improved.

           Vulgar may be a commonly used language, but the use of foul language is likely to not be promoted by website users. According to Smith (2014), there were approximately 20 terrible corporate websites in 2018.I think that is the worst website listed for 2018. The use of bad language shows a lack of respect in the highest power. It also leaves a very bad impression. Some of their consumers may feel uncomfortable with the use of certain words. This may in turn drive them away as they would go to great lengths just to avoid them.  


Miller, G. (n.d.). 31 Shopping cart abandonment statistics for 2021.

Ratcliff, C. (2020). Card sorting: what is it and why is it important to your site’s UX?.

Smith, P. (2014). 20 Hilariously terrible corporate websites.

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