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Main Themes

Gru in order to achieve his goal to steal the moon adopts three little girls who help him. These three girls change him and how he perceives life and from this the themes of this heart warming film appear. There are three main themes that stand out: good can overpower evil, anyone’s heart can be changed with love, and the importance of having a loving family.

At the beginning of the film Gru is evil, we immediately see that when he starts to freeze people with his freezing gun who are in line to order coffee just so he can get his coffee quicker. He also blows up a balloon for a little kid only to pop it and make the kid cry. However when he adops Margo, Edith, and Agnes his heart starts to change. We first see this change in him when the four of them are at the carnival fair and he gets upset when the girls don’t win the unicorn so he blows up the whole stand and takes the unicorn for Agnes. It is still an act of evilness but with good intentions behind it. Each of the girls bring out good in him in different ways. Margo being the oldest, often scolds him and calls him out on his bad behavior, at the same time showing him how he should act. Edith has an edgy personality like Gru, and they have similar interests. They are able to create a bond, almost like a friendship, which makes Gru feel appreciated. Lately, Agnes being the youngest is also the most innocent one. Most of the time she doesn’t have a clue of what is going on and from the first time she sees Gru she gives him all her love. Throughout the whole film Agnes loves Gru like if he were her own father, this has a huge impact on Gru as he never received much love during his life. By the end of the film Gru becomes a loving father to the three girls and is no longer interested in being the greatest supervillain.

Following the same concept the three girls change Gru’s heart with the love they give him, especially Agnes. At the beginning of the film Gru is cold hearted and only cares about doing evil and being the best at it. His heart is set on stealing the moon to prove that he is the best at being bad. He is willing to do anything to prove so, even take advantage of three little girls that all they want is to be loved and have a family. In addition, Gru had never experienced love before since his mother was not loving at all and never supported his dreams. We see a flashback of Gru’s childhood where he dreams of going to the moon, he draws a picture of him in the rocket, he then builds a small prototype made out of macaroni and then he even builds the real rocket, however his mom is not impressed by any of those accomplishments. This leaves young Gru disappointed and from then on spends his life trying to impress his mother so he can receive her love. On the other hand, we have the three girls who are constantly told they are not doing good enough by Miss. Hattie and that no one will want to adopt them if they continue like this. With the love they give each other, Gru and the girls, they both change and finally have what they have always wanted. That being someone who loves them and supports them. At the end of the film Gru’s heart is set on being the best father he can be. Throughout the film we see how they are able to give love to each other. The first clear example is when Gru needs money to build his rocket and he is denied a loan from the bank so the girls give him all his pocket money. Then for the girls its when they really want to go to the theme park and Gru not only brings them but also gets Agnes a huge and very fluffy unicorn.

Lastly, from the two other themes we come to realise how important having a loving family is. Gru and the girls are similar in the sense that they have never experienced the happiness of having a loving family or the fulfilment of caring for someone. Having a family is the missing piece of Gru’s life. Gru’s character is chosen so that he is an outsider and not at all a family man, while the three girls are ready to have one and they want it more than anything else in the world. This contrast is what changes Gru and makes him a better person. Having a loving family allows Gru to go from evil to good and is also what changes his heart. Even by the end of the movie not only is Gru able to give love to the girls but also the Minions and it could be said that they all become a big family. Despicable me communicates that having love, specially from a family, in your life can make a huge difference on what type of person someone becomes.

To contrast these themes and make them more valid, Vector can be mentioned. Vector’s dad, Mr. Perkins is harsh and mean to Vector. This is seen on the way Mr.Perkins talks to him, much like Gru’s mother. Vector does not change at all throughout the film because unlike Gru he does not receive any kindness from anyone.

Basic Mechanisms

Despicable me is a film that is very complete when it comes to basic mechanisms. To start off the film has an active conflict type because the main character, Gru, is able to take action to solve the conflict. In this case he is able to take action and fight against Vector to achieve his goal of being the best supervillain. Therefore, this shows that the conflict is of external origin.

The protagonist in the story is Gru since he has a clear goal: to steal the moon. When Gru realizes that there is a new supervillain who has stolen a whole pyramid he sets out to steal the moon in order to prove that he is the best one. From this objective the dramatic question can be found, which is: Will Gru be able to steal the moon?

In addition, Gru follows a radical character arc because not only does he change as a person but also his way of seeing the world changes. Furthermore he doesn’t achieve his objectives but he does fulfill his dramatic need. At the beginning what is most important to Gru is to become the greatest villain by stealing the moon. And while he does steal the moon he loses it later on to Vector and therefore is unable to become the greatest villain to exist. however by the end he has completely changed and he no longer cares about this but instead cares about being a good dad to his family. He even exchanges the moon, which he successfully steals, in order to get his newly formed family back.

The dramatic need of Gru is for him to realise the importance of loving and feeling loved. And he achieves this thanks to Margo, Edith and Agnes. They all contribute to Gru’s radical character arc making him change to become a better person. The three girls teach Gru what loving and being loved feels like. At the beginning of the film Gru only wants to manipulate the girls for his own evil plans, but by the end he is doing everything that is possible to save the girls from the evil Vector. The dramatic need is specially seen in the flashback scene of Gru’s childhood where his relationship with his mother is explained. There the audience can tell that Gru needs to be loved and supported because his mother never did that for him.

Next, it is important to discuss the different obstacles this movie creates for the main character Gru, these can be divided into external, internal, or external of internal origin. However in this film there are only external and internal obstacles.

Firstly let’s consider external obstacles. These types of obstacles are the ones that are not caused by the main character, in this case Gru. The most common external obstacle of a protagonist is the antagonist, in this film it is Vector. He gets in the way of Gru being the greatest villain to exist. He does so just by pulling off a better heist than Gru, that being the pyramid. Then he stands in the way of Gru’s plan to steal the moon by taking the shrinking ray from Gru right when he has just stolen it. And lastly, Vector is an obstacle when he kidnaps the three little girls and Gru is not able to be with them or see their ballet recital.

Another external obstacle Gru faces is the bank, more specifically Mr. Perkin. This is because in order to achieve his goal he needs money to build a rocketship so he can go to space and shrink the moon. Then the girls are also an external obstacle at the beginning because they make Gru’s day to day harder since they are young and energetic and take a lot of effort to control. For example this is seen when they crash the video call between Gru and Mr.Perkin about the loan, which results in Gru not getting one. Also when Gru starts to get infatuated with the girls they become a distraction from his plan to steal the moon, hence the reason why Dr.Nefario sends the girls back to the orphanage. However the girls do help him steal the shrinker and raise money to build the rocket so they also help Gru achieve his goal.

There is no internal obstacle that stands out like the external ones do, however it can be said that Gru’s ‘mommy issues’ are an obstacle throughout all his life on an emotional level. Gru never tries to love others and his only purpose is to please his mom and make her proud. This gets in the way of him being truly happy, hence it could be considered an internal obstacle. However at the end of the movie his mother tells him that she is proud of him and that he is a great father. So, he achieves the goal he has been trying to achieve his whole life but in a completely different way he thought he would.

Furthermore, it is worth mentioning the existence of a Deus Ex Machina which is the moon. This is because at the end of the film just when Vector kidnaps Margo, Edith, and Agnes, Dr.Nefario discovers that the shrink ray does not shrink things permanently and that the bigger the object the faster they go back to its original size. With this knowledge the moon starts growing back and as this is happening it causes the glass kage of the girls to break. The girls are not only able to escape from Vector but as the moon is growing more and more he gets stuck on top of it and goes back to space with it. At a time there was no hope of getting the girls back and defeating Vector the moon solves both those issues for Gru, therefore it is a Deus Ex Machina.

Lastly, this film also has a McGuffin which is the shrink ray. While some might think it is the moon, that is the main objective of the protagonist. The shrink ray is the McGuffin because it drives the story forward, without it Gru would not be able to achieve his objectives and also he would never have needed to adopt Margo, Edith and Agnes. It is also a McGuffin since the shrink ray is of little interest to the audience. The audience is mostly wondering if Gru will end up loving the girls, or if he will be able to steal the moon.

Plot Synopsis:

Wallace notices that he is short on money and has to pay off some debts, in order to do so he rents the spare room to a penguin. Wallace has a pet dog named Gromit and it’s his birthday. Wallace buys him a dog collar and leash, and also “techno trousers” that walk by themselves and Wallace uses them to walk Gromit. The Penguin starts replacing Gromit’s spot in the house, and Wallace grows very fond of him. Gromit decides to run away from home since he feels that Wallace no longer cares about him. Meanwhile the Penguin takes an interest in the trousers since they can walk on walls and ceilings. He re-wires them to be able to control them with a remote control.

As Gromit runs away to live in the city streets he discovers that the Penguin is actually a wanted criminal who disguises himself as a chicken that goes by the name Feathers McGraw. Feathers sneaks Wallace into the techno trousers and sends him on a test run through town. To find out more Gromit spice on Feather only to discover him taking measurements of the city museum in order to steal a very valuable diamond stored in there.

Feathers puts in play his plan to steal the diamond, which he accomplishes, when Wallace is sleeping. He puts him into the trousers and breaks into the museum using a remotely operated control that works through a hat that Wallace is wearing. Feathers accidentally sets off the alarm and Wallace wakes up. To get away feathers brings him back to the house and traps him and Gromit in a wardrobe and holds them at gunpoint.

Gromit then rewires the trousers to break free from the wardrobe. He and Wallace chase Feathers on their model set train and Wallace is able to break free from the techno trousers. The train crashes into the trousers and Feather falls right into a milk bottle that Gromit happens to be hiding. They bring Feathers to the police and he is put in the city zoo. Wallace and Gromit get reward money for capturing him and they are able to pay off all their debts.

Main Themes

The short talks about different life lessons that everyone should note down. Even though the main themes aren’t obvious in this short, the audience can learn a lot from the relationship of Gromit and Wallace and their conflicts. Some of the most noticeable themes the The Wrong Trousers touches on are appreciate and value your family, save up money, and don’t trust strangers.

From the beginning of the film Wallace doesn’t treat Gromit right. Wallace expects Gromit to do very basic tasks for him such as breakfast, putting shoes on, and getting the mail. From Gromits facial expressions it is obvious he is tired of being treated like that, especially since it is his birthday that day. When Wallace tells him that he bought him presents he gets excited, however once he knows that the presents are a collar, a leash, and techno trousers that walk by themselves he is disappointed. All the presents he receives are not meant to make him happy but are to make Wallace’s life easier. Now Wallace doesn’t have to take care of him, or spend time with him, the trousers can do it from him, yes, Wallace is very lazy. Furthermore Wallace has normalized this toxic behavior so much that doesn’t even notice when the penguin is replacing Gromit. However Gromit is there for Wallace anyways when the penguin turns out to be evil. Wallace definitely needs to realize how much Gromit does for him and how much Gromit loves him. By the end of the film their relationship dynamic is the same, however Wallace does seem to appreciate what Gromit does for him by saying ‘thank you’ when Gromit fetches his slippers for him.

The conflict of the whole short comes because Wallace was not able to save up his money wisely and spent it all on the techno trousers which was not a very smart investment, especially if he is already low on money. The only reason why Wallace has to rent the room to Feathers is because he needs money to be able to pay his bills. Gromit the whole time judges Wallace from the side, making the audience realise that he is in fact the smarter one in the relationship. This leads to the theme of don’t judge by appearances. In a relationship between a dog and a human you would expect the human to be the smart one but this is not the case for Wallace and Gromit. While Gromit reads newspapers and solves crimes, Wallace gets stuck into the techno trousers and is not able to save up money.

Lastly and the most typical advice given is don’t trust strangers. In this film it is very obvious this theme since Wallace openly invites a stranger into his home and that stranger, the penguin, turns out to be a wanted criminal that takes over the control of their house and of Wallace’s legs. Furthermore they are even held at gun point by him at the end of the film, so definitely do not trust strangers.

Basic Mechanisms

The short film The Wrong Trousers has many basic mechanisms worth mentioning. It has an active conflict which is the Penguin taking over Gromits life and using Wallace to steal a diamond. This is considered an active conflict since it can be solved by taking action. Moreover, this is clearly an external conflict and the short follows a chronological timeline.

The protagonist is Gromit because he possesses a clear objective, to stop the penguin from taking advantage of Wallace, stealing the diamond and getting his place back in the house. At the beginning of the short Gromit does not realise his objective yet since the penguins true identity has not been discovered. It is not until later that Gromit realizes what he must do. This raises the dramatic questions of: Will Gromit get his life back to normal? and Will Gromit be able to save Wallace?

The character arc of Gromit is circular in this case because Gromit goes through a moderate change but then reverts back to how he was at the beginning of the story. He goes from A to B then back to A. At the beginning Gromit is Wallace’s number one, he has his own room, and does the chores for him. However when the Penguin arrives that changes, the penguin replaces Gromit completely, to the point where Gromit sleeps in a tiny dog house outside, instead of his big room with a human bed. But once the Penguins true identity is discovered and he is sent to prison Gromit goes back to having his old room and doing the same chores.

The dramatic need of Gromit is to feel appreciated, especially by Wallace. This dramatic need is hinted throughout the short in certain scenes. For example, in the very first scene Gromit prepares breakfast for Wallace, fetches his slipper, and brings him his mail and newspaper. Gromit is almost like Wallaces servant. However since its his birthday he feels disappointed that he has to do all of this. Also when he gets a leash and pants that will walk him to the park he is even more disappointed as it looks like Wallace doesn’t want to spend time with him anymore, hence he feels uncared for. Furthermore, the feelings of abandonment from Gromits side increase when Feathers starts taking over his life. The dramatic need is not achieved to its full potential but by the end of the short they both definitely appreciate each other a little bit more.

Standing in the way of Gromits objectives are some obstacles which are what create an entertaining conflict and a wonderful storyline. From the three types of obstacles that can exist, those being external, internal, and external of internal origin obstacles, this short film has external and internal obstacles only.

First, let’s start by discussing the external obstacles. The main external obstacle of the protagonist is of course the antagonist, this being Feathers, the penguin. But of course at the beginning of the film no one knew that he is indeed the antagonist, but as the story moves along the plot unveils. Feathers becomes an obstacle for Gromit right when he notices that Wallace now has a new friendship with him, which comes from feathers stealing all of Gromits chores. Furthermore when he manipulates Wallace to steal the diamond he becomes an even greater and more clear obstacle. Because, when feathers take over the household Gromit just leaves, however when he starts to use Wallace it is then that Gromit decides to take action. Another obstacle is the financial issues, if Wallace hadn’t spent all tha money on the technotrausers then the main obstacle, the antagonist, wouldn’t have existed at all. Lastly, the techno trousers become a huge obstacle right after Feathers reprograms them to obey his commands and uses them for evil, so as to steal the diamond.

Now let’s discuss internal obstacles, of which there is only one, the fact that Gromit is unable to speak. Due to this Gromit can’t communicate how he feels to Wallace and also is unable to tell Wallace the true identity and plans of Feathers. This is an obstacle because if he was able to speak he could tell Wallace everything and the whole issue would be solved in a second. Also he would be able to go to the police and tell them the information that he has encountered the wanted fugitive Feathers.

In this short we can encounter two Deus Ex Machina, which are devices that help the protagonist unexpectedly in a moment of need. To speak chronologically, first we encounter the Meatbrix box in the short. This is when Gromit is spying on Feathers to find out who he really is. He spies by cutting a hole for his eyes into a box he is hiding in. As the penguin turns around to face Gromits direction, Gromit fears that his cover will be blown. However the camera angle switches from Feathers staring intensely at the box to the box from outside, and at this moment we find out that Gromit has cut out the eye holes exactly at the level of a drawn cartoon dog’s eye holes making it seem that there is nothing wrong with the box. The second that we encounter and the most helpful one to the protagonist is the glass bottle. This appears at the end of the short, the scene with the amazingly done high speed chase on the train. Gromit crashes into a kitchen cabinet making an empty glass bottle drop right to his hands, which he catches. Meanwhile Feathers train wagon crashes into the techno trousers making Feathers fly across the room. As a result Feather falls right into the empty glass bottle that is how they catch him, bring him to the police, and get a thousand pound reward.

Lastly the McGuffin is clearly the Diamond, this is because, firstly, it motivates the villain and drives the story forward. Feathers goal in the whole short is to steal that diamond and cause all the conflict like making Gromit run away, or manipulating Wallace through the techno trousers just to achieve his goal. And secondly because it is of little interest to the protagonist and to the spectators. The audience does not care if he will steal it or not, what the audience cares about is whether Gromit will stop Feathers and get his friendship back with Wallace.

Structural Mechanisms

The Wrong Trousers structure is a very typical one. It follows a linear structure because it goes in chronological order and it is divided into three acts.

Act 1 starts with setting up the whole story. We have the main characters introduced, which is Gromit and Wallace. The protagonist is Gromit, because even though Wallace is an important character the story is seen more from Gromits point of view. In this act, we get to know their personality and the type of relationship they have through their morning routine where Gromit prepares everything for Wallace. The audience is also shown where they live and where the story will take place. Furthermore it sets up the story so the audience knows that it is Gromit’s birthday by showing the calendar that is marked with the date of his birthday. And lastly it introduces the techno trousers that are a big element in the story. Then one of the conflicts is introduced which is the fact that they have run out of money, because of this they rent out a room to a Penguin. When the Penguin arrives, that is the inciting incident because it causes the protagonist, Gromit, to step out of his ordinary life. It also produces the dramatic question of will Gromit get his normal life back? The first plot point is Gromit running away from home since afterwards the action starts, meaning act two starts.

In act two we get the most exciting events of the story happen. The penguin repairs the techno trousers so they can be remotely controlled by him, then he traps Gromit in them and takes him on a ride across town. This sequence is dramatic irony since the audience knows something that the main character does not, and this is that the penguin is evil. However it is not long after that when Gromit discovers that the penguin is the one controlling the trousers, and also discovers that he is actually a wanted criminal that goes by the name Feathers. After this comes the mid-point which is the sequence where Gromit is trying to figure out the master plan of feathers. In this sequence Gromit spies on Feathers and finds out that he wants to steal a very big diamond from a museum. This would be considered the midpoint because it is the middle point of the second act, and also to add something less obvious it is a moment that is important because it raises other questions like will feathers accomplish his robbery? and Will Gromit be able to save Wallace? It also sets the action in a new direction since now Gromit realises that he must go to the museum if he is to stop Feathers. The second half of the second act consists of Feathers bringing Wallace to the museum while he is asleep and trying to steal the techno trousers, however he sets off the alarm but still manages to steal the diamond. Then there is the second plot point which is when the chase scene happens. Because the story goes from Feathers trying to steal the diamond to him trying to get rid of Wallace and Gromit so he can run away with the diamond. And to end act two we have the climax, which is when Gromit trapps Feathers in the glass bottle. This is considered the climax because it answers the dramatic question. Gromit is able to save Wallace, since Feathers is not an obstacle anymore, plus he gets to have his life back since he knows Feathers will be put in jail. 

Lastly act three is where all the issues get resolved. First Feathers is put in jail, but for animals so the zoo. Because Gromit is the one that captured him he gets a thousand pounds as reward money for his service. This reward money is used so Wallace can pay off his debts and they don’t have to rent the extra room anymore. Gromit goes back to his normal life and all is joyful.

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