Personality ENFJ

Dr. Jung recognized the importance of personality recognition and wrote a book explaining the probable personality types. He believed that each person was created with a specific personality, most of which are influenced and defined by situations. According to Jung, types of personalities are thinking, sensing, feeling, and intuition. He further grouped the psychological functions into two groups, introverted and extroverted attitudes. Based on his theory, he drew a set of questions that will help place one’s personality. Therefore, I take time to self-reflect and take the necessary steps of understanding my personality; I will be moving in the right direction of achieving personal and organizational goals.

Jung’s Personality Test


People with the ENFJ personality can be described as charismatic. They can influence others because they have excellent social skills, can market adequately, are visionary, and very kind. They display selfless acts as they are willing to go the extra mile to help others and take more responsibility for themselves. ENFJs are always ready to provide support to others even if it is not beneficial to them. In terms of profession, we thrive in jobs where we exercise interpersonal skills and are always trustworthy. One major setback on people with the ENFJ trait is that we are so obsessed about the future that we become nervous about executing duties in the present.

E- Extraverted- (47%)

According to Jung’s test criterion, I scored 47% as an extraverted personality. These results implied that I am so concerned about building good relationships with people around me. I respond positively when people seek friendships with me while at the same time, I do not quickly cultivate intimate relationships. In my professional life, I meet so many people when on duty. When attending seminars and fairs that last for a few days, I have made friends with so many people. It is easy for me to create friendships regardless of the time we have known each other. Those out of reach have always made an effort to reach out to them through phone calls and mail. This skill is critical, especially in my profession, which requires me to create connections within and outside my jurisdiction.

•        N- iNtuition (19%)

From the test, iNtuition is the second criterion, and I emerged with 19%. This criterion reveals that I am guided by an inner voice and do not necessarily follow what I hear. This trait can find meaning and reason to do or sometimes say by looking beyond ordinary eyes. I have always been able to tell when something is wrong or when he is lying to me in my marriage. When he hides the truth from me, I always know what actions to look for to establish if my inner person is convicting me for the fact. The trait was not learned or taught anywhere, and it has helped me solve many problems in my marriage.

•        F- Feeling (34%)

The feeling is the third criterion, and it holds 34% of my personality. Jung (1971) describes this trait as the ability to predict what will happen based on emotions. When executing my managerial duties, I have always wanted to do the right thing, not harm innocent people. When I committed a mistake, I am still willing to apologize because that will make the people I have wronged feel better. I am always overwhelmed with guilt if I do not apologize because that will make the victims feel bad. For example, I once punished an employee wrongly by slashing their salaries halfway. The employee was underperforming, and he did not deserve to pay the full amount. I later learned that the employee was working half-day because of health-related complications, and he had obtained all the medical clearance. I felt so bad for being so cruel and not giving him a chance to explain himself. I called him to my office and apologized to him for making a rash decision.

•        J- Judging (28%)

My judging criterion is fourth, and it is at 28%. According to Jung, judging is the ability to weigh situations and events by analyzing information presented to us. The way the data is analyzed will affect the plans that will be carried out. In a practical example, I was brought up with Christian norms and values. The Bible has used a guide to standard behavior, and ii use it to judge situations around me. If the Bible considers a specific act unlawful, then I will not do it, and if it permits the actions I am about to perform, then I shall proceed. 

2. Career Choice – Leadership

People who have the ENFJ personality choose careers that are related to art. Occupations in the art scene require them to have short interaction and social skills to execute their duties and responsibilities effectively. ENFJs can make outstanding leaders, and they have the capability of pushing organizations to tremendous success because of their excellent social skills. These people are drawn to solving social problems, and they turn out brilliant in the careers they choose. I can comfortably identify with this personality because I have risen in the ranks to become a manager of my branch in my place of work. After graduating from college, I started employment as a regular intern. After finishing my internship, I applied for a vacant position in the organization, and I was retained. Within five years, I had been promoted twice, and I am currently in a managerial position, and I am enjoying my duties and responsibilities.

3. Learning Style -Purposeful

           According to Jung, when seeking new information, I always ask myself if the action I am about to undertake is helpful. I also perform activities beneficial to me as an individual and useful to other people in the community. The attribute of caring and considering others before performing activities is typical of ENFJ personalities. I put others before me, and I recognize that I have to give and do the best, and because of this belief, I can withstand high levels of stress. I like learning from the field to get first-hand information so that I get my facts right. I do a lot of consultation before I get to the action, especially from people with experience. I put all my energy into activities that I consider meaningful and am always willing to go the extra mile to achieve my goal. Less informative topics make me lose interest, so I always try to invest my time in reasonable ones. 

           4. Communication Skills

           The ability to communicate forms one of the greatest strengths possessed by people of the ENFJ personality. People with this personality can convict and persuade people to venture into action through their strong communication power. They also get along quickly with people and are always willing to help those in need. In other words, ENFJs can be described as extraverts, confident and kind. In my interactions at work seminars, I have always gotten along with people easily. My outgoing nature has helped me create new contacts and establish new connections whenever I attended fairs. My willingness to help young people in building their careers has made me famous. I have been able to prove that I am useful to my colleagues and the entire organization. 

           5. Personality Club- Mentor

           As a leader, it is typical for me to want others to draw inspiration from me. The mentorship personality makes me be always considerate and working on building positive relationships with others. In cases where the environment seems tense, I always try my best to balance the mood by shifting the conversation towards a more favorable direction. As an ENFJ, what makes me a better leader is my ability to maintain discussions and be sensitive to people around me. We thrive in bringing joy to others and always willing to forego our comfort for the sake of kindness. In general, I always strive to show others a good example. I strive to be a better leader, employee, colleague, and better partner in my marriage. When I openly speak about the details of my marriage, I always try to be at my best, both socially and professionally. 

           6. Temperaments 

 Temperaments are observable traits such as communication, action patterns, and specific characteristics such as values, talents, and attitudes. According to Keirsey, idealists fall in the NF group, and he describes us as teachers. An idealist is characterized by the ability to freely communicate, keen on people’s future aspirations, and always willing to utilize the available resources to make sure their dreams come true. We can make people feel comfortable around us so that they can share their visions and objectives so that we can place ourselves appropriately to help them. 

Step 2

1.     In general, what have you learned from these personality tests about organizational behavior that will help you be a better employee, coworker, and/or manager?

Generally, I have learned that understanding my personality is beneficial to me individually and goes a long way in helping me become a better employee. I have understood that reaching organizational goals is not a particular job but a collective responsibility, and we need to work as a team. I also recognize that each individual in the work setting is unique and vital in the organization. I have learned that each employee is designed differently to fit in the organization and perform their roles, and they should be given a chance to do so. Knowing that I am a thinker has helped me improve my self-esteem and become more confident in my workplace contribution. The organization benefits by having employees aware of themselves help prevent mistakes from employees performing duties unconsciously. Understanding my personality gives the organization an easy time when assigning me to places me in an area that I can perform to the best of my abilities. 

1.     In particular, what have you learned about yourself from this personality test that will help you be a better employee, coworker, and/or manager? Provide specific examples.

Generally, I have learned that identifying my personality traits has helped me recognize my strengths and weaknesses. It has shown areas that I can be more productive and areas that I need to work on. The test showcased my strong sense of judgment, introverted nature, intuition, and high thinking levels. As a thinker, I can be an asset to my company by being at the forefront of finding solutions to tricky situations and critical thinking when selecting the best option. My weakness in being poor in communication is that I need to work on it to be better at team playing. I also need to learn to appreciate that people are gifted differently and accept them the way they are. I also learned that I need to respect authority; I need to stop making critical decisions without involving my superiors. I should be more inclusive and accommodative when dealing with my colleagues and superiors.

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