Tesco Market Analysis

. The backstory

Tesco has been at the heart of British retail for 100 years, growing from one stall in London in 1919 to a shop in almost every town in 2020. It serves more customers and communities than any other retail brand in the UK.

‘Every little helps’ is a commitment that goes beyond just an initiative to help their customers. It guides Tesco’s colleagues, partnerships, products and services. For example they have partnered with a number of organisations to donate £59m worth of food to communities in 2019/20, given £83m in grants to support community projects, raised money to fund vital research for Cancer Research UK (over the last 19 years) and much more.

Sustainability is a hot topic in the supermarket sector, and Tesco have been working hard to bring their ‘Every little helps’ promise to life here too. Tesco have partnered with WWF to make their food more sustainable and in 2019/20 alone they saved 53 tonnes of cardboard just by reducing the size of their laundry packs, 99 tonnes of plastic by removing the lids on their 300ml cream and Tesco crème fraiche products, 4.2m plastic bags by reducing packaging on their duvet sets and sheet ranges and powered all their UK stores with 100% renewable electricity.

Tesco have always been a trusted brand, but they’re still not quite where they want to be when it comes to Trust and Reputation compared to some competitors. This is despite all this great work they are doing. So, they want to discover new ways to tell the stories of their sustainability and community work to help the nation discover that Tesco is now more than ever, a brand to trust.

2. What’s the challenge?

Design an in-person and digital experience that helps Tesco build a trust-based relationship with the nation and tells them how Tesco are bringing to life ‘Every little helps’.

Your response needs to translate across multiple channels, including in-person and online, and demonstrate the numerous ways in which Tesco are manifesting their brand promise, from their plastic initiatives through to their work directly helping local communities. It also needs to get people talking and generate brand buzz that puts Tesco at the forefront of people’s minds when it comes to supermarkets to trust.

3. Who are we talking to?

People across the UK, aged 18-25. Now more than ever, this audience are extremely aware of broader societal issues and are increasingly choosing where to shop based on the brand’s values and behaviours.

4. Things to think about

Stay humble Tesco want to share their stories, but this isn’t about bragging. How can you demonstrate Tesco’s initiatives through activations that help build trust and stay humble? No matter what you make, it needs to align to Tesco’s tone of voice which is simple, real, human, humble and energetic.

Keep it Tesco You can push your work to feel bold, brave and original, but whatever your idea, it needs to feel true to Tesco and their identity. This isn’t about being provocative just for the sake of it. Take a look through some of Tesco’s recent campaigns like Reputation (see brief pack), Food Love Stories and Delivering Christmas to get a sense of who they are as a brand and how they talk to their audience. How can your idea extend this identity across multiple touchpoints?

Also remember that Tesco are there to serve the nation. They don’t judge anyone and they keep clear of political statements.

Time for travel

This needs to travel. How can you allow people from across the UK to experience your idea? And if they can’t get to an inperson experience, how can you replicate the delivery across other touchpoints?

Get talking

The only way your idea can make an impact is if it gets people talking, especially across social media and newspapers. How can you ensure your idea creates a buzz, gets people snapping photos and wanting to experience it themselves? Think about the customer’s experience across every touchpoint and how this can translate across multiple channels. Articulate real and authentic ways that Tesco helps communities, without feeling gimmicky.

Longevity is key

This isn’t about a one-off stunt. Your idea should go the distance to improve trust in consumers even long after your activation has finished.

5. The important stuff

Your idea must focus on a brand experience in the physical world, and include an outline of a social and digital amplification. Explore how you’ll raise awareness of Tesco’s ‘Every little helps’ mission and help drive conversations online and in the real world. Demonstrate how Tesco are helping or have helped communities (this is not about what Tesco ‘could’ do).


3000 words long. For guidance, there is an example of the report structure in the Module Handbook.

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