The First Abu Dhabi Bank, UAE

Executive Summary

The First Abu Dhabi Bank, UAE is the largest financial institution in the region. The bank has grown tremendously since its formation becoming a global leader in the financial industry. The bank offer strategic solutions through personal, corporate, and investment banking. This report examines the business model of the organization by looking at how the institution has been adopting digital solutions to improve customer experiences and foster its growth and increase in profits. According to research, this report finds that the bank has been in the forefront in the region in the adoption of digital solutions. FAB is a digital leader in the sense that it is readily adopting technology and turning the resources into profits. The report finalizes with key recommendations on how it will retain and maintain is position in digital leaders. Most importantly, the bank must continue adopting new technologies, develop innovative policies, which will help it lower costs, and improve profits by meeting customers’ needs.

The First Abu Dhabi Bank, UAE


Overview of the Bank

First Abu Dhabi Bank is the largest financial institution in the United Arab Emirates. It is a publicly listed company, which was founded in April 2017 following the merger of First Gulf Bank and National Bank of Abu Dhabi. According to the bank’s website, FAB is one of the world’s largest and safest institutions, which offer a wide range tailor-made solutions and products and services that meets the customers through strategic offerings in the form of financial products and services through its Corporate and Investment Banking, and Personal Banking Franchises. The bank has been thriving due to its strategic investment in people and technology, which has continually led to the creation of customer-friendly banking experience, which leads to the growth of the diverse stakeholders. Thus, the bank has been coming up with internal regulations and policies, which are in conformity to the guidelines of the UAE central bank in terms of corporate governance. FAB adopts and complies to the best global standards of service in the financial industry, which has been a major driver of its growth.

In-depth Analysis: Business Model

Customer Relationships

The banking sector is part of the service industry. That makes customer relations to be a fundamental part of the business’ strategy. Nowadays, the financial service industry has become increasingly competitive as many diverse players get into the developing markets. For instance, there has been an emerging trend of digital banking and money lending, which has disrupted the traditional banking sector. Traditional banks have to come up strategic customer relationships exercise if they are to maintain their competitive advantage. Customer relationship in FAB is a decisive issue in the marketing thought since it determines the quality of services offered. The bank has been establishing strategic customer relations with the aim of addressing the customers’ needs and wishes in light of their social and economic conditions. FAB has established that quality is not about meeting certain standards; instead, it is about responding to the diverse customer needs, wishes, and preferences. That becomes possible if bank is committed to understand the customers’ needs and consequently meeting and exceeding their expectations. FAB has created various information systems where customers offer their reviews and feedbacks, which the company uses to monitor their needs, wishes, and preferences.

Customer Segments

Customer segmentation is vital in the banking and financial industry. Since the merger of the two banks, which lead to the formation of the First Abu Dhabi Bank, the financial institution has grown tremendously. FAB is an international financial institution, which offers financial solutions to a large pool of clientele globally although the headquarters are in UAE. The bank has many branches worldwide. Customer segmentation becomes important for the institution since it entails the division of customers based on shared characteristics. It is a critical strategy since it helps in the decentralization of strategies, which are meant to meet the customers’ needs (Afthab, 2017). FAB’s customer segments are divided into three broad categories. The bank deals with personal banking, corporate banking, and investment banking. The three categories have different characteristics and the bank has been developing various strategies to ensure that the customers are satisfied by meeting their needs and exceeding their expectations. One of the common strategies the company has implemented is security. Securing customers’ finances is a critical issue in the banking sector since it determines the rate of customer retention and the development of customer loyalty.

Information Technology Solutions

Customer relations – artificial intelligence

In this age of information technology, organizations have to adopt various IT tools as resources to improve the quality of service delivery. As previously mentioned, customer relations is a critical factor in the development of competitive advantage in the banking and financial industry. Only through customer satisfaction, can an organization considered it as meeting the standards of quality that are necessary in the sector. With the ubiquity of the internet and the development of various technological tools, it is possible for FAB to utilize inventions to improve service delivery. One of the technological tools that have become fundamentally resourceful in customer relations is artificial intelligence.  However, it is imperative to appreciate that the artificial intelligence is a relatively new technology (Chatterjee et al. 2020). Therefore, the reception and the adoption of the technology in an organization’s business model take different forms depending on the organization’s digital adoption culture.

While the concept is relatively knew, recent studies have indicated that artificial intelligence is all around now. Many organizations in different markets and industries have adopted the use of AI making it part of the daily routine. AI entails the use of algorithms to come up with predictive analytics, which leads to automated recommendations and corrective measures (Chatterjee et al. 2020). AI has become a fundamental tool that is changing the process of decision-making. While the intelligence is different from the usual natural intelligence possessed by humans, AI has been playing a critical role in simplifying the process of decision-making. Consequently, organizations are adopting the use of AI in their customer relationship management (CRM). Developers are coming up with CRM software, which are playing a critical role in knowing and understanding the customers (Chatterjee et al. 2020). The use and adoption of CRM is making it possible for organization to make use of real time data using various technological applications that monitor the consumers’ behaviors and preferences.

Global organizations cannot avoid the adoption of CRM and AI. The match between the two has led to critical breakthroughs in various industries. Since customer relation is essential in the banking sector, any means and approaches, which can improve the strategy is fundamental. FAB has to adopt and utilize AI in CSR since the technology has a lot of potential. AI makes it possible for an organization to acquire and utilize more predictive and personalized customer information (Alolayyan et al. 2018). Besides, it leads to the reduction of tedious workflows since the use of bots in AI makes it possible to automate various fragments of data. Besides, the use of AI plays a fundamental role in reducing human errors (Chatterjee et al. 2020). Furthermore, AI has the ability to monitor past and historical decisions leading to the development of patterns. As such, it becomes possible to predict the future customer behavior, which ultimately helps an organization to meet and exceed customer expectations.

Customer segments – block chains and distributed ledgers

Customer segmentation is critical in marketing since it enables the organization to manage and meet the needs of the clients depending on their characteristic. Customer segmentation has been a fundamental tool, which organizations have been adopting for years. However, with the emergence of various technological tools, it is possible for organization to adopt emerging technologies (Rejeb, Keogh, & Treiblmaier, 2020). Although FAB has adopted customer segmentation as part of its marketing strategy, it is possible for the organization to improve its performance by adopting emerging technologies. One of the technologies, which have lately emerged, which has become essential in customer segmentation, is the use and adoption of blockchain technology.

Successful marketing entails appreciating and delivering value to customers. Technological advancement has revolutionized marketing in almost every sector. However, one of the technologies that have come with new prospects is the blockchain technology. The technology has changed many sectors of the economy. Blockchain technology first started on the idea of cryptocurrency with the Bitcoin being the pioneer. It has since been adopted by other sectors and it is becoming resourceful in the banking sector. According to Rejeb, Keogh, and Treiblmaier (2020), blockchain uses a decentralized system, which makes it possible to create permanent and tamperproof records. Protection of information in this digital age is essential since the fundamental concern of bank customers centers on safety.

Intermediation has been a major concern in the financial industry. Prior to the development of the current technologies, most financial organizations relied on intermediaries for the acquisition and dissemination of data. That has been increasing concerns on the risks of data theft. The emergence of the blockchain technology has helped in bypassing intermediation. Blockchain has been enabling brands to improve their customer targeting capabilities and enhance service responsiveness. It has now become possible for organizations to acquire consumer information without the consumers fearing that such information will be risked. FAB can adopt the use of blockchain technology since it has the capacity to foster disintermediation. Blockchain is empowering digital marketing security.

Technology/Leadership Capabilities

The First Abu Dhabi bank falls under the classification of digital master. A company is classified thus if it readily adopts new technological innovations to gain competitive advantage. The banking sector has gone digital and any company, which fails to adopt digital solutions can hardly survive the turbulent global markets. With that in mind, FAB has been on the forefront in adopting digital technologies. The bank has been moving at appropriate speeds in the adoptions with the aim of driving its vision and business outcome. Notably, the bank has tech-savvy leadership who are well-acquainted with the technology and who are readily converting the resources to profit. The bank is beating the barriers of traditional financial services through the adoption of digital services such as cloud computing. The leadership of the bank appreciates that digital transformation is opening up the financial markets at unprecedented levels. The First Bank of Abu Dhabi is adopting transformative technologies to enhance efficiency in service delivery.

The bank has fully adopted the digital banking services for all its customer segments. For instance, the bank has pushed its account opening services to the digital levels. Besides, the bank has also adopted various applications, which help the customers to monitor their financial transactions online. Customers do not have to necessarily queue in the bank, as has been the tradition. Now they can access their financial information at their own convenience. According to the banks website and other available business reports, FAB has managed to have more than 60% of its retail customers using the digital platforms. This comes after the appreciation that convenience is a fundamental creator of value in the service industry. Besides, the organization has adopted the use of cloud computing, which makes it easy and more efficient to store and retrieve customer information a safe and secure manner. There is a surging digital adoption in the UAE.

As a digital leader, the bank has been innovative enough through the adoption of solution-centered technologies. For instance, the bank has developed a solution known as Payit, which is an e-wallet that helps its customers to perform timely and efficient transactions. Furthermore, it is has entered into partnership with the global financial giant, MoneyGram giving rise to numerous opportunities on global digital financial transactions. With Payit, it is possible for the bank to facilitate P2P transfers both locally and internationally through the partnership with MoneyGram. The partnership has led to a decline in costs, which in the long run will work towards increasing the institutions outreach and profitability. Such partnerships and adoptions of technology make FAB stand out as a digital leader since the institutions is able to create value and accelerate growth. The bank appreciates that the future of the financial industry lies with the adoption of safe, secure, and efficient technologies, which will propel growth and increase profitability.

Recommendations: Maintenance of the level of Digital Master

Since the report has established that the First Bank of Abu Dhabi is a digital leader, it is imperative to offer recommendations, which will help the organization retain and improve on its status. Technological development is one of the most dynamic phenomena. What appears to be revolutionary technology today will be in the near future become redundant (Al Nuaimi, 2019).Innovators are working round the clock to come up with new technologies. The financial markets are also changing rapidly as the world becomes increasingly digital. Therefore, FAB has to put in place strategies that will help it maintain its ranking. That calls for the evaluation and adoption of new technologies as they continue emerging. For instance, the bank should get into the cryptocurrency market since it appears there is a lot of potential in the sector. Furthermore, the organization should continue put into place safety measures since safety is a fundamental determinant of the success of any financial organization (Alolayyan et al. 2018). Finally, the bank should continually adopt the use of available technologies such as the social media platforms for marketing. Maintenance of the digital master position is a continuous innovative process.


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