The purpose of this work is to explore this week’s core theme of evaluating the external environment

The purpose of this work is to explore this week’s core theme of evaluating the external environment

The purpose of this work is to explore this week’s core theme of evaluating the external environment


Summary of the author’s Main Thread – no less than 125 words

What you agreed with, did not agree with and why – no less than 125 words

Minimum of 2 sources from the literature in addition to course

Jason Brady

The purpose of this work is to explore this week’s core theme of evaluating the external environment. An organization must be able to analyze its external threats and opportunities to understand where there are areas of growth and improvement. It is vital for a business to understand how competition, politics, social issues, and geographic issues may affect their business processes.

Process: Evaluating the external environment

When evaluating external factors, a business must ensure that they first know what factors affect a business. The PESTEL analysis is a great way for an organization to evaluate its external factors. According to Gamble, Peteraf, and Thompson (2019), they explain using the PESTEL analysis stands for 6 principals: political factors, economic conditions in the firm’s general environment, sociocultural forces, technological factors, environmental forces, and legal and regulatory factors. Another factor to look at and study is the macro-environment. According to Gamble et al. (2019), the macro-environment consists of all relevant factors that have enough of an impact that would suggest a possible change in the long-term strategy and decision model.

Businesses also need to consider how competitive forces function in a business environment. A business should utilize the five forces model of competition, which can evaluate a company’s current market position. According to Gamble et al. (2019), the five competitive forces include: buyer bargaining, winning over substitute products, supplier buying power, the threat of entries into the market, and rivalry among competing sellers. A firm must be able to actively adjust to these five forces to stay competitive. When businesses ignore these five competitive forces, they can find themselves in a negative situation. Another step in evaluating the external environment is the utilization of strategic thinking.

Strategic thinking: Discussion of a key source of power and weaknesses

In strategic thinking, there are key sources of advantages and disadvantages that need to be brought to the attention of organizational leaders. According to Rumelt (2011), “no one has an advantage at everything. Team, organizations, and even nations have advantages in certain kinds of rivalry under particular conditions” (p. 161). Managers and leaders must try to exploit any competitive advantage contained in order to keep their firm successful. Improper usage of these advantages can lead to firms deteriorating financially and a loss in their market share. Another key source to effective strategic thinking is value-created changes. A weakness to value-created changes is the factor of an impatient leader. According to Rumelt (2011), “first, management may mistakenly believe that improvement is a ‘natural’ process or that it can be accomplished by the pressure or incentives alone” (p. 170). Impatient managers and leaders can be detrimental to the success and effectiveness of an organization.

To become an innovative organization, one must utilize design thinking to influence the organization to improve business processes. According to Johansson-Sköldberg, Woodilla, and Çetinkaya (2013), “…design thinking has been described as the best way to be creative and innovative, while within the design realm, design thinking may be partly ignored and taken for granted, despite a long history of academic development and debate” (p. 122). In order to remain innovative, organizations must involve their whole organization to utilize their diversity. Diversity in the workplace is a key method to drive innovation and to improve strategic thinking.

Decision model

Utilizing a decision model in business processes will help guide an organization to a successful future. Feedback in any organization is a very important aspect to drive improvement and constructive criticism. According to Krogerus and Tschäppeler (2018):

Feedback is one of the most difficult and sensitive processes in groups. It is easy to hurt people with criticism, but false compliments are also unhelpful. Compliments often make us too complacent, while criticism damages our self-esteem and can lead us to unwise choices. (p. 26)

The feedback model is a great choice for organizations that are driven on some criticism on their job effectiveness and efficiency. Management giving feedback to its employees is vital to the improvement of an organization. If employees are not given accurate feedback on their job performance, then they will never have a chance to improve. Improvement in the human capital of an organization directly correlates with the improvement of the organization as a whole. According to Richardson (2010), “if used appropriately, 360-degree feedback can increase self-awareness, promote skill development, and foster a collaborative organizational culture—outcomes that reflect social work values and ethics” (p. 260). The value of feedback in an organization is priceless. Leaders must strive to give constant feedback to their subordinates in order to grow a stronger organizational team. Once this is done, then the feedback decision model will have brought value to any organization that utilizes it.


In evaluating the external environment, one must also remember that Satan is also a factor. According to Keller and Alsdorf (2012), “…but it is a mistake to think that the Christian worldview is operating only when we are doing such overtly Christian activities” (p. 179). Utilizing the five forces of competition are important to a business professional, but to a Christian business professional, it is even more important to utilize the Bible. Impatient managers can be a weakness to an organization and to the body of Christ. The Lord decides when and how he wants events to happen on Earth. As leaders, it is important to show patience with employees and give constant feedback to ensure their successful development. When an organization gives constant feed, it then positions itself to become a stronger organization.


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Answer preview to the purpose of this work is to explore this week’s core theme of evaluating the external environment.

The purpose of this work is to explore this week’s core theme of evaluating the external environment.

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