Women in Games (WIG) Marketing Strategy

Current Marketing Strategies

The IGDA Women in Games (WIG) current marketing strategy involves leveraging its online presence, fostering partnerships and participating in women empowerment through awarding scholarships. The current marketing strategy focuses on using digital marketing as the primary strategy of reaching the targeted audience. WIGs marketing strategies work in unison to give the organization a global appeal among not only women but also potential partners and governments.

Digital Marketing

WIGs website serves as the most critical communication avenue for the organization. The site provides information about the organization’s mission, vision and objectives that align with the global endeavor of fostering gender equality. The website also invites visitors and organizations to be part of the vision through various programs and opportunities offered by the organization. WIG through the IGDA foundation provides scholarships for the next generation of female leaders in games. These scholarships are in their seventeenth year and offer study opportunities to students pursuing educational attainments related to game development in women. The scholarship program benefits students from all over the world, hence ensuring WIG gets global publicity.

WIG has a significant online presence in the major social websites including Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. The Facebook page has about 2360 likes with the audiences drawn from across the globe. The organization uses the page to highlight the stories of incredible women making a difference in the inclusion of women in sports as well as the beneficiaries of WIG initiatives such as the IGDA scholarship. Apart from sharing inspirational stories of extraordinary women, WIG shares invitations and schedules for upcoming events supported by IGDA and WIG. The organization’s twitter page has about 6025 follows represented globally. WIG uses the page to highlight partnerships with corporate and community organizations that are involved in the promotion of equality in sports. Furthermore, it shares event schedules and invitations as well as endorsements from IGDA, which is the mother organization. In the same spirit, WIG uses affiliate marketers to promote its objectives by highlighting partnerships with corporate bodies and initiatives spearheaded by WIG.

New Marketing Strategies to Raise WIGs Profile

Cause Marketing

WIG and IGDA can use consumer awareness about the inequalities in sport to advance the popularity of their initiative of involving women in games. Through cause marketing, organizations can incorporate for-profit and non-profit objectives (Smith, 2016). In this case, IGDA and WIG can bring together the goals of the two organizations to result in a mutually-beneficial relationship between the organizations. As an influential organization in the global sporting business, IGDA can use its resources to raise awareness about the activities of WIG. According to Grolleau et al. (2016), consumers are likely to switch to consuming a product or a service from an organization that advances a good cause. Gender equality is a good cause that has global recognition. Therefore, the organization should use its universal objectives to bolster its reputation among young women, partners as well as governments.

Earned Media/PR

The noble goal of promoting gender equality in sports enables WIG to enjoy earned media exposure through sports highlights, event features and partnerships. Earned media is a beneficial tool for an organization since it does not incur any costs while appealing to a global audience (Lovett & Staelin, 2016). Media organizations can pick up WIG press releases such as invitations to sports events or scholarship applications and publicize them at no cost. Therefore, the organization should ensure that the earned media plans align with the objectives of appealing to women as well as reaching out to potential stakeholders by highlighting the goals of WIG. Media releases should highlight the values and vision of the organization to create a positive image among the public.

New Marketing Plan

For the organization to appeal to a broader audience, it needs to implement various marketing strategies that acknowledge the target audience and expound on the goals and impact of the organization’s efforts.

Communication Plan

WIGs new communication plan should include the organization’s goals and metrics that track the success of its initiatives. The website needs to highlight the progress achieved during its existence; for example, “WIG has awarded 340 scholarships to promising young from 83 countries in the past 17 years”. Communication plans that highlight the progress made by a non-profit organization ensure optimization that results in future campaign improvements (Foster, 2018). WIGs publications, the website’s home page and social media cover photos must highlight the objectives of the organization and expand the organizations branding and overall message.

To increase the interest of volunteers, donors and other stakeholders, the communication plan should highlight the organization’s opportunities and vision. For example, the communication plan should include messages such as “share WIGs goal of providing sporting facilities to 300000 young girls in the Middle East by 2021.” The communication shows a clear objective as well as highlighting a gap that volunteers and donors can cover. Social media presence ensures that organizations achieve the goals of their communication plans in an affordable way (Guo & Saxton, 2018). The organization should continue the utilization of the various social media networks but spearhead a growth in the number of followers to increase publicity.

Brand Management Plan

The primary component in WIGs brand management plan is to define clearly the brand’s vision. The brand vision should align with the long-term purpose as well as the meaning of the brand. The vision should include targets such as the number of women targeted, the type and quantity of planned activities and the number of countries that will benefit from the program. A brand image builds the shared values of an organization that emanate from collective efforts among multidisciplinary teams (Ibrisevic, 2020). Another element of the new brand management plan is to build a complex value system that ensures individuals and society benefit from the organization’s existence.

WIG should come up with non-negotiable values that seek to influence the values of the audience. According to (Frösén & Laukkanen, 2017), brands in the non-profit world represent shared values that legitimize the existence of an organization. The brand should reflect the organization’s values and vision in the taglines, for example, “We bring happiness to neglected girls” or “incorporating girls in sports since 1999′. In equal measure, WIG should create an organizational culture and leadership that supports the brand’s vision. Having the whole organization motivated and engaged in communicating and living the brand can be essential in realizing the desired brand image (Brunton et al., 2017). Shared values help organizations to navigate difficult situations that may arise in the course of their existence.

Market Segmentation

WIG should segment its market to ensure that the different communications reach to the right audience. For example, messages meant for donors, partners and governments should highlight the organization’s needs and vision. By separating audiences, organizations ensure the audience gets the right communication at the right time (Nicolau, 2016). WIG can segment the audience based on their age. For example, messages that encourage the participation of young girls in sports can target individuals between 8 and 25 years in social network platforms. On the other hand, communication about scholarship opportunities can target individuals aged between 17 and 30 years which is the ideal age for college students. Segmentation can also take care of cultural diversity to present a conflict between organizational endeavors and cultural beliefs.


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